MCAD Alumni Association Board of Directors

Representing the diversity and scope of MCAD alumni, the MCAD Alumni Association Board of Directors is an active and committed group of volunteers who work to support and develop programs that benefit alumni and the college.

The board of directors is currently in year two of a five-year strategic plan. The following document is updated each year by the board and serves as a fluid and adaptable guide to help shape the work of our group. We look forward to continuing to expand programs and services for connecting and serving all MCAD alumni and students in the coming years.

For more information and to learn about volunteer opportunities with the MCAD Alumni Association, please contact us at 612.874.3787 or

Alumni Board of Directors

  • Boriana Strzok ’08, Board President
  • Keith Braafladt ’86, Board Vice President
  • Rhea O'Connor ’08, Secretary
  • Janet Groenert ’79, Board President Emerita
  • Abbi Allan ’08
  • Taylor Baldry ’07
  • Ed Charbonneau ’06 MFA
  • Amelia Clabots ’02
  • Justin Clifton ’00
  • Marlo Cronquist ’01
  • Nicholas Dahl ’10
  • Jeremi Hanson ’01
  • Daidrian Harris ’01
  • Kerri Jamison ’02
  • Steve Kloyda ’80
  • Mindy Knoll ’00
  • Katrin Loss ’00
  • Alison Malone ’02
  • Antonia Maistrova ’06
  • Rachel Nusbaum ’10
  • Nancy Rice ’70
  • Julie Sirek ’10


I am a passionate MCAD alumni supporter because I value the relationships I made, the experiences I had, and the guidance I received as a student. Now I am in a position to share my knowledge and experiences with others. It feels good to give back and to continue to be a part of this special creative community.

Kerri Jamison, ’02

I joined the alumni board because MCAD is an amazing school! I received a really great education from some outstanding instructors when I attended. I want to reconnect with that memory and surround myself once again in an environment and community that would help me not only networking-wise, but also inspirationally.

Daidrian Harris ’01

My participation in the alumni board has allowed me to reconnect with the institution that prepared me for my current career path. The board has elevated my involvement with the college and allowed me to present feedback to the institution to help influence both the future of students and the university as a whole.

Nicholas Dahl ’10

I joined the board because I love MCAD. I am keen to support the students and to be a part of MCAD's future. It is a special place made up of dynamic, driven people and I am proud to be being giving back to such a spectacular college.

Rhea O'Connor ’08

MCAD taught me how to approach every problem in life and business creatively which has contributed to my success. I joined the board to share that with others and provide direction from my life experiences. MCAD changed my life!

Steve Kloyda ’80

Joining the board has let me ensure that the arts are in good hands for the future. I feel like I get to see it all move forward, and being a part of this intergenerational development makes me feel lucky.

Abigail Allan ’08 MFA

MCAD is brilliant. As a student it was like being in a Justice League of creative people, but after graduation was a challenge to maintain that momentum. I joined the board because I want to help ensure that the community that inspired and challenged me continues to thrive and stay connected.

Taylor Baldry ’07

Serving on the alumni board provides me with the opportunity to actively shape the MCAD experience by facilitating and strengthening connections with each other and the art and design community at large to benefit the entire MCAD network.

Katrin Loss ’00

The reason I chose to be on the board is that I believe I can help. I remember, after I had graduated, that it felt better to have someone around and I feel a common bond with anyone who has taken a class at MCAD.

Jeremi Hanson ’01

At MCAD, it’s students first. As artists, entrepreneurs, and life-long learners, MCAD alumni are students. We left here, bringing what we learned out there. We learned more stuff. I joined the board to help alumni, especially recent grads, bring what they’ve gained back to “alumni in training”—current students. MCAD has it’s own Department of Natural Resources: people. Think: “catch and release and catch and release and catch."

Nancy Rice ’70

MCAD changed my life. Just because I have graduated does not mean my connection to the school is over. Because MCAD has given me so much, I feel an obligation and desire to invest in its future and represent it in the community. My service on the board is one way I have chosen to give back.

Julie Sirek ’10

My chief interests as a board member are to act for the benefit of current MCAD students and to strengthen the position of the college. I am motivated by a sense of stewardship toward the institution that gave so much to me.

Ed Charbonneau ’06 MFA

This is an amazing opportunity to help usher new students forward into being MCAD alumni and becoming revered professionals in their field. It is also transforming how I feel about MCAD and who I am as an alumni and creative professional.

Justin Clifton ’00

At MCAD I learned from the finest artists and teachers I have ever had. MCAD made me a better person and shaped who I am as a creative professional. Being on the board allows me to give back to the college and connect with the place that has provided me with my creative foundation.

Rachel Nusbaum ’10

I joined the board with the idea of giving back to MCAD in a way that wasn't just sending sending in my support—I wanted to try new ways to encourage more connections between alumni and between students and alumni. In the past few years, the board has blossomed into an amazing collective of creative individuals working as a team. They've realized new ways to connect to our community—such as meeting and feeding hungry students at the end of terms, hosting events, building a new mentoring program, utilizing stunning new communications, and creating the organizational structure we need to support these amazing programs now and in the future.

Keith Braafladt ’86

Vice President
The faculty and students of MCAD have enriched my life immensely and they kind of feel like family. They're the coolest and most inspiring people around! I'm honored to be a part of cultivating that amazing experience for other MCADians, past and present. We need to support our fellow artists. Together we make the world better.

Mindy Knoll ’00

I joined the board to contribute and support the school that gave me an amazing and meaningful educational experience; an experience that has helped in my career and given me the creative support system to be successful. By serving on the board I have the wonderful opportunity to connect with students and alumni to inspire and get inspired.

Amelia Clabots ’02

To me, art is about taking the vision in your head and transforming it into a 3-D object that reflects that vision. I learned that at MCAD and it has become critical to my work as an artist. I am excited to give back to the organization that taught me that.

Marlo Cronquist ’01

I joined the board because of conversations I had with my employees: current and former students at MCAD. Students need to practice skills beyond the studio—such as networking before they graduate. Collaborating with other MCADians, planning events, and focusing on the college's future reinforce the strength of this community—one that I am proud to be a part of.

Janet Groenert ’79

Unhappiness comes from walking alone. When we share experiences and communicate with each other, we begin to better understand ourselves and the world as a whole. I want to give back to the MCAD community and help students bridge the gap between the academic and the professional world.

Antonia Maistrova ’06

Learning a craft and honing a vision are just the beginning of what you get from your time spent at MCAD. The real magic begins when we see our connections opening doors that allow us to live a life we envisioned when we originally dreamed of getting a fine arts degree. I joined the board because I am dedicated to strengthening our community. I am an active participant and share my skills and connections wherever possible.

Alison Malone ’02