It's possible you might have seen one of his sculptural/environmental creations, but it's more likely you've seen the art he helped others make and put on display.

Jerry Grove went from designing products to producing designers. And artists, too.

Brother Frank Kacmarcik Obl.S.B. became one of the world's most influential voices in church design, printing, and the graphic arts.

Together with creative partner Andy Pressman at Rumours, their forward-looking studio in Brooklyn, Morton encourages readers and users to think "across platforms."

I realized quickly how a creative mind and good technical skills were huge assets.

"Covering the news," can also lead to making the news. Dave Bowden went straight from MCAD into work as a cameraman-editor.

Corinne Wright, onetime photo/animation double major, now a corporate counsel for a food manufacturing company, recalls similar academic freedom.

At the points where dance, photography, diagramming, architecture, and event weather maps meet, Kelly Nipper created arresting experiences.

From large slabs of Minnesota basswood, Aaron Spangler methodically creates sculptures that go just beyond "folk art" into what he calls "the epic, the paranoid, and the absurd."

Dan Jurgens has drawn and written for Thor, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, and Captain America. But of all those characters and all those artists, he is the only one that got to kill Superman.

Her personal mission is "working with children before they begin associating art exclusively with the ability to draw a pretty picture."

He felt, "there exists an image within every rock.”

Working together or apart, husband and wife Dean Lucker and Ann Wood explore a faintly antique corner of Americana.

In school everyone had an influence on you. You were taught by other students as well as professors. Coming from a family of college professors, I always knew I would teach in some way or another.

They probably also don't know she once made a really good large portrait of a glazed chocolate doughnut.

Lester Frederick Johnson was born in Minneapolis on January 27, 1919.

Always an independent, Hogue in his works captured environmental destruction in “a scathing denunciation of man’s persistent mistakes."