Honored by the Guggenheim Foundation as a Creative Fellow in 2010

Brent Schoonover, a lifetime fan of genre comics and pop culture is the creator of Mr. Murder is Dead, and co-creator of Horrorwood.

As an urban planner, Aldo Moroni is mostly an improviser.

Native of Poland, child of Detroit, Karlic remains curious about cars, immigration, and dashed dreams.

Davis demonstrates that "small-town" doesn't mean "small minded."

He may design with a computer, but in reality Chris Rand is a modern update to the village blacksmith.

For decades now, Seekins has made himself a work of art.

His imagination was never-ending: his images were on gallery walls; his caricatures graced magazines and calendars; his patents proved his ingenuity.

Aiken's work can be found in the collections of General Mills, the Taj Mahal, the Walker Art Center, Maya Angelou, and Herbie Hancock.


Dehn is a published lithographer and two-time Guggenheim fellowship recipient.