As an urban planner, Aldo Moroni is mostly an improviser.

Native of Poland, child of Detroit, Karlic remains curious about cars, immigration, and dashed dreams.

Davis demonstrates that "small-town" doesn't mean "small minded."

He may design with a computer, but in reality Chris Rand is a modern update to the village blacksmith.

For decades now, Seekins has made himself a work of art.

His imagination was never-ending: his images were on gallery walls; his caricatures graced magazines and calendars; his patents proved his ingenuity.

Aiken's work can be found in the collections of General Mills, the Taj Mahal, the Walker Art Center, Maya Angelou, and Herbie Hancock.


Dehn is a published lithographer and two-time Guggenheim fellowship recipient.

Many, many people met Reginald Anderson over the decades, but few of them knew what he could really do.