Annual Community Report


Letter from the President

Jay Coogan

Dear Friends and Supporters:

I’m happy to report on another productive and successful fiscal year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Much of what we achieve at MCAD is thanks to your support. We are grateful to you for being MCAD ambassadors and appreciate your role in our shared success. Here are a few notable accomplishments from the past fiscal year.

2015–2016 Accomplishments:

• The third highest enrollment numbers in the college’s history.

• Relocation of the graduate program to the First Christian Church on First Avenue; a newly renovated space a block and a half from the main campus and close to Mia.

• Completion of the dorm room renovations at 2540 Third Avenue, transforming the exterior and interior of the building and addressing about $1.7M of deferred maintenance.

• Introduced a creative writing minor.

• Increased net proceeds from The Auction at MCAD raising more than $230,000 for scholarships.

• Reached the $21M milestone for our Next/Now Campaign. Next/Now Campaign priorities include more than $8M for scholarships, both pass-through and endowed.

MCAD’s future strength depends on our ability to attract, retain, and educate our students to be successful artists and designers. That starts with our ability to keep the MCAD education affordable and continues with supporting the faculty and staff who provide them with a top-notch education that prepares them for future success. Our long-term goals include raising more support for scholarships, developing additional academic programs, and improving facilities; with your continued help we will meet our goals!

Plans for this year:

• Renovation of the entrepreneurial studies space. During the summer of 2017, the fourth floor of the main building will be reconfigured to include two new classrooms, client meeting spaces, and student workspaces. Enrollment for this program is expected to increase to 30–40 new students within five years.

• The development of the entrepreneurial studies program will support students across the college in understanding the business skills that help them start and run their own businesses and be effective creative leaders.

• A new animation space will be added for our fastest growing program.

• Development of a product design program.

• Active searches for animation, UI/UIX design, and product design faculty.

Looking ahead, I am excited to continue the work of putting our students first, embracing an innovative spirit, and transforming our community. The college is fortunate to have a network of dedicated supporters whose contributions are fundamental to MCAD fulfilling its mission. Thank you for being a supporter of art, design, education, and creativity!


jay coogan sig

Jay Coogan President

Mission, Vision, Values


The Minneapolis College of Art and Design educates individuals to be professional artists and designers, pioneering thinkers, creative leaders, and engaged global citizens.


The Minneapolis College of Art and Design transforms the world through creativity and purpose.


We, the MCAD community, shape our work and our interactions with others by honoring the following values:

⇢ Students First

In all matters, we consider first what best serves the education and well-being of our students.

⇢ Academic and Institutional Excellence

We are committed to rigorous scholarship, intensive studio work, the use of innovative technologies, and the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.

⇢ Creativity and Innovation

In ideation, process, and making, we encourage experimentation and creative expression.

⇢ Community Involvement

We maintain the strength of our community through respect, diversity, communication, openness, and accountability.

⇢ Engagement

We advance a just and sustainable society through collaboration and engagement with our neighbors and the world.

Gifts / Cash Gifts

Thank you to our generous donors who support MCAD students by helping to fund academic programs and scholarships. Nearly 97% of MCAD students rely on financial aid, including scholarships, to make ends meet. Donors help make it possible to continue to update and strengthen the MCAD educational experience by increasing financial aid support, enhancing our facilities to provide the best learning environment possible, and emphasizing our vision of transforming the world through creativity and purpose.

*Gifts noted below were received between June 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016*


Deb and David Andreas

Athwin Foundation

Andrew R. Dayton

Cy DeCosse ’52 and Paula DeCosse

Jerome Foundation

Donna and Cargill MacMillan Jr.*

The McKnight Foundation


Alliss Educational Foundation

The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

Sarah ’82 and B. John Lindahl, Jr.


Craig Fields and Debra L. Cohen ’78

Cove Foundation

The Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation

Lynn Golberstein ’96, MFA

Minnesota Private College Fund

Lucy and Bob Mitchell–The Longview Foundation

Leni and David E. Moore, Jr.

David and Leni Moore Family Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Alexei Tylevich ’94

Angela M. and Thomas C. Wicka


Allison and Brian A. Adducci ’92

Sandra R. Adducci

The Art of Youth Foundation–Susan and Justin Kelly

Leslie Berkshire

Robert and Joanne Berkshire Fund of the Omaha Community Foundation

Best Buy Foundation

BI Worldwide

Charles R. Stinson Architecture + Design


Cinda J. Collins

Phyllis and Tom Colwell

Julia W. Dayton

Mary C. Dolan–The Longview Foundation

Joseph Donnelly and Becky Thorson

Dean and Alice Fjelstul ’96, MFA

Cynthia Huntington

Ann and Robert Jackson

Janet Jones

Mary Ash Lazarus and Barry Lazarus

Peter J. Lindahl

Mitzi and Brent Magid

Betsy and John Massie

Clinton Morrison Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Open Door Foundation–Elizabeth DeBaut and David Hartwell

Kathleen Pletcher and Jay Coogan

Corey Sauer

Larry Schoenecker

Smaby Family Foundation

Missy Staples Thompson and Gar Hargens

Frederick and Eleanor C. Winston–The Longview Foundation


Anonymous (2)

Barnes & Thornburg

Mary and Bruce W. Bean

The Boss Foundation

Susan Calmenson


Anne M. Cashill

Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc.

Susie and Steven Fiterman

Lisa F. Fredrikson and Todd R. Paulson

J. E. Dunn Construction



Monica L. Little ’78 and Mark B. Abeln ’81

Ginny and Henry C. Llop

The Minneapolis Foundation

Katherine and Stuart Nielsen

Elizabeth and Tom Nientimp

Karin P. Phillips ’95

Rehael Fund–Roger Hale and Nor Hall

Deb and Jim Ryman ’65

Terry Saario and Lee Lynch

Mary K. and Gary Stern

U.S. Bank

Roman J. Verostko


Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch

Sarah Borchers and Brian Kingsley

Cannon Family Foundation–Judy and Edward Cannon

Erica Berven, MD, and Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA

Deborah L. Dillaway and Alan Lifson

Andrea Eis ’81 and Steven Rost ’80

Nancy and Rolf Engh

Harvey Filister and Ted Bair

Shirley & Miles Fiterman Art Foundation–Amy and Miles Q. Fiterman II

B.C. Gamble and P.W. Skogmo Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

General Mills Foundation

Deke George

Kevin Armstrong and Lisa Goldson-Armstrong ’04

Kirsten Brady and Greg J. Hoffman ’92

Mary and Jay Jackley

Mary and Clinton H. Morrison

Bob and Gerry* Nehotte ’62

RBC Foundation

The Saint Paul Foundation

Catherine Simmons-Gill

State Farm Companies Foundation

Stone Pier Foundation–Mae and Toby Dayton

Streeter & Associates

Nick Swenson

West Photo

Whittier Alliance

Sharon Wong and Craig Mitchell


A · · · N · · · Z

Anonymous (2)

Kristin Anderson and Jon Ruiz


Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Roberta Bartoli and Eike Schmidt

Kevin J. Bennett

Bradford Berling ’99

Stefan and Ute Bertog '05

Jane McDonald Black and Archie Black

Sally and Maurice Blanks

Blu Dot

Patricia and Martin Blumenreich

Kathy Bochert ’80 and John Matheson ’80

Lori Boisclair

Diana Walton Brashears

Melissa and Uri Camarena

Aleya and Judson Champlin


Compass Capital Management

Teri and Robert Crosby–The Longview Foundation

Cuningham Group Architecture

Sally and John Cuningham

Toni G. Dachis

Lisa Dayton

Tara and Sundeep Dev

Liz Dodson ’50

Roberta Antoine Dressen

Kirsten and Jack Driscoll ’86

DST Systems, Inc.

The Richard & Beverly Fink Family Foundation


Emily Galusha and Donald McNeil

Penelope and Mark Greene

Beverly N. Grossman

Christine and George G. Halvorson ’75

Elizabeth and Michael Halvorson ’66

Lucy Hartwell

Hennepin County Division of Environment and Energy

Michelle and Jeff Hinck


Adrian Ho

James U. Korein and Barbara Kay Iams-Korein ’75

James Dayton Design Ltd.

Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation

Julia Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation

Allan T. Kohl

Kathryn and Dean Koutsky ’57

Willow and Josh Kreibich

Larkin Hoffman

Tim Larsen

Lisa and Gregg Larson

Vince Leo

John C. and Searcy T. Lillehei

James G. Madson ’87

Mary C. Marsden

Linda and John McCarty

Medtronic Foundation

Midwest Comic Book Association

Annika Bowers and Kate Mohn ’14, MA

Susan R. Monkmeyer and Howard C. Quednau

Sheila and John Morgan

Andrea Mueller and Ephi Eyal

Katherine B. Murphy

Pamela Newsome-Prochniak and Wayne E. Prochniak

Marc Nicoloff

Kay and Michael O’Keefe

Julia Morrison Palmer and Brian Palmer

Marion Parke

Mike Perry ’03

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Zachary Quinn

Mimi and Benjamin G. Rae III

RBC Wealth Management

Margaret Rivers Fund

Doris Engibous and Cathy Ryan ’07

Lois Simon Charitable Foundation

Lana and Andy Slavitt

Cami and Steve Smalley

Julie and Jack Snow

Robyn Waters and Gary Springer ’63

Carol Stephens

Kate Stewart

Don W. Taylor

Charles Davol Test ’78

Cindy Theis

Krista and William B. Thorburn ’84

Doris and Carl Tuura

Melissa and Douglas Van Ornum ’93

Wells Fargo Corporation

West Broadway Business and Area Coalition

David M. White

Neil White

Karen Wirth

Mike Wolfgang

Dr. Al and Sue Zelickson


Rebecca J. and H. Steven Alm

Lisa Alton Family Giving Fund of Schwab Charitable

Stephanie and David Anderson

Jason Bright

Kelley Buchanan

Richard F. Bumgarner ’94

Marty Friedman and Peggy Casey-Friedman ’84

Martha Dayton

Charles M. Denny, Jr. & Carol E. Denny* Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Shannon and Mark Evenstad

Christine and Ron Frisk

Seth Goodspeed

Honorable Samuel D. Heins

The Hurley and Weindling Family Charitable Fund

Julie A. Jurrjens

Trisha and Steven London

Robert Lunieski


Anne-Marie and David Mariano

Katharine Mauer

Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers

Steven McLaughlin

Ben Nelson

Rebecca Orttel

Rowena and Charles Pitschka

Stella and Thomas Press

Dar and Geri Reedy

Lara Roy


Lee and Bill Strang

Thomson Reuters

Joanne Von Blon

Frances and Frank S. Wilkinson, Jr.

Winter Seminar


A · · · N · · · Z

Anonymous (2)

Eileen Adams

Elizabeth N. Adams

Benigno Aguilar and Gerald Erickson Jr.

Joe Aiken

Zoe Zepp Alfveby ’81

Jerry Allan

Richard K. Allendorf and Paul W. Markwardt

David Penchansky and Hend Al-Mansour ’02, MFA

Ann E. Anderson

Cindy Anderson

Eric S. Anderson ’94

Katy Anderson

Michael Anderson

Rachelle Anderson

Mark Appelbaum

Penny Armstrong

Wendell D. and Lester E. Bagley

Asim Baig

Bev and Don Bajus ’54

Peter Bakanowski

Gail and James R. Bakkom

Melissa C. Bean ’76 and Scott R. Bean ’72

Kay and Rick Bendel

Henry and Diane Benz

Kenneth J. Berglund

Kashmira Bharucha

Sarah M. Bieber

Barbee D. Bigger

Sarah and John Biondi

Nancy Birrell

Laura Bishop

Brie and Scott Blahauvietz

Bob Boldt ’52

Dana Bonelli

Anthony Bosca

Nancy Bottorff

Ellen L. and Jan Breyer

Mary and Bob Brindley

Molly Broder

Karen Brooks and Bob Schroeder

Wendy L. and Nicholas M. Brown

Barbara A. Brust ’81

Dan Buettner

Cecelia Butler

Sara Byrnes

Joseph Callan

Erin Carnish

Jennifer A. Caruso

Karen Casanova

Lorna Simpson and James E. Casebere ’76

Laura and Mike Cashill

Carter Casmaer

Brian and Stephanie Childs

Coen + Partners

Ryan Coit

Audrey M. and John P. Colasanti

Dylan Cole

Megan and Casey Collins

Michael V. Craig ’98, MFA

Gayle Crose

Kimberly Dahlstrom

Virginia Dahlstrom

Anna D’Andrea

Anna Decatur

Hope and Tim Denardo

Kay Dixon

Jason J. Doherty ’00

William Duel

Lisa and Andrew S. Duff

Mekea Duffy

Phillip Dworsky

Cheryl Eastbourn

Shirley D. Edmonson

Diana Eicher

Erik Ekstrom

Jan D. Elftmann ’84 and Dave Lewis

Engler Studio Interior Design

Joan Ericksen and Sheldon Sturgis

Laurie Everett

Rudy Faith

Barry Fick

Fiddlehead Design Group

Melissa and Pat Finn

Carole (Gorney) Fisher ’64

Joan Fitzgibbons

Katherine Fleming

Sheila and John Folkestad

Jeanne Foussard

Renee Frisch

Kathryn and James Ganley

Michelle Garofalo

Janice Peterson Gelatt ’64

Therese Gibbons

Mark L. Gilberstadt

David Goldes

Gail M. Good (Samsa) ’82

Minda P. Gralnek ’77

Christiane Grauert ’99, MFA, and Santiago H. Cucullu ’99, MFA

Lori K. and G. A. Corky Hall

Renee L. and John Hallberg

Sarah and Jon Harding

Jason Harlem ’76

Jennifer Harrington

Angela and Michael Hart

Viera Hartmannova ’00, MFA

Erica Hatfield

Paula Jean Havranek

Hawn Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

Peter C. Hawthorne

Dana Hazel

Donald J. Heffron ’80

Justin P. Heidemen ’04

Ann and Tim Heintz

John Hemmesch

Steve and Margo A. Henke ’83

Nancy Hernke

Mary Hickey

Peter Hinze

Antonia and Peter Hommeyer

Honeywell International Foundation

Glen Hoover ’63

Penny and Steve Hornig

Kirk Horsted and Kyia Downing

James A. Hoseth

Heather and Matthew Hunt

David R. Jacobs, Jr.

Juan Jaimes

Antra Janson-Pakalns ’65

Jackie Jeffery

Darold E. Johnson ’61

Ezra Jude Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Mark Johnson

Kirstin and Neil H. L. Johnston ’02, MFA

Katherine Jones-Jirka ’79 and Brad P. Jirka ’76

Mary Kalish-Johnson and Richard Johnson

Monica Kansas

Cindy Kanter

Shirley Kaplan

Mary M. Kazura ’99 and Chris M. Gerber ’02

Amy and Edward Kelly

Linda and Dennis Kelly

Terry Kelly

Cheryl Kelsey

Denny Kemp

Maaja Kern

Erin M. Keyes and Liberty Lucken

Ms. Fran Killian

Hannah Klein

Marlene J. Knutson ’67

Sheryl Fay Knutson ’66

Amy Koch

Michael Korby

Katherine and Scott Kovarik

Brendan Kramp

Matt Kreilich

Kay A. Kroeff-Streng

Mark Kronholm

Gail Kulick

Aimee Lagos

Daisy Landvik

Jennifer Lang

Amy Langer

Rick Laudon ’79

John Laughlin ’74

Bailey Lee

Bridget and Tom Lee

A. Lisa Merklin Lewis and Jon C. Lewis

Heidi M. Libera ’83

Michelle A. Lobsinger

Katrin Loss ’00

Rachelle and Larry Luna

Nancy Lunning

Diane Lynch

Charles Lyon ’99, MFA

Lisa Lyons

Ann and Reid MacDonald

Wendy and Joseph C. Machlitt ’71

Macy’s Foundation

Mary P. and Helmut K. Maier

Tim Mattes

Erin Matushak

Dan M. McAskin

Shawn McCann ’02

Barbara A. McIlrath ’96

Susan McPherson ’50

Susan Miller

Bonnie J. and Jonathan C. Moren

Kerry Morgan and Michael Gaudio

Linda and Gordon Louis Mortensen ’64

Bridget Nassif

Monica Nassif

Melanie Nelson

Amber A. Newman ’16, MFA

Andrea Nielsen

Candace C. Noot

Deborah A. and David H. Novak ’76

Joseph A. Oliveira

Woody Olsen ’76

Karin Olson

Darril and Susan Otto

Thomas L. Owens

Brad Palecek

Teresa Ann Paschke ’85

Linda and Gary Peck ’69

Kelly Perry

Molly Perry

Kathleen and Steve Peterson

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Catherine Pham and Vincent Jusuf

David Piper

Susan Plahn

Abigail Power

Michael Green and Jane Elizabeth Powers ’98, MFA

Jonathan T. Pribila and Steven Thiel

Lyndsey Primus

Alexandra Prince ’09

Curt Belshe and Lise Prown ’79

Pure Design Environments, Inc

Jeff Rabatin

Laura Rades

Brock J. Rasmussen

John Barber and Stephanie M. Rau ’92

Andrew J. Reading ’02

John S. Reay

Sybille Redmond

Dawn and Brian Reid

Camilla Reiersgord

Remele Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

Eugene Rerat

Stephen Rueff

Stephanie Rich and Bill Brown

Lisa Rikkers

Susan Bass Roberts

Tom and Sarah Roddis

Jonathan Rodriguez ’13

Joan Rohde

Debbie Rohrer

Sheri Ronn

Rosie Rosenthal

Luann and Paul Rosenthal-Erickson

Paul D. Shambroom ’78 and Joan L. Rothfuss ’76

Bill Rude ’96

Karen Rue

Claire and David Ruebeck

Brooke Rymer

Elizabeth Sarquis

Deborah Saul

Zhanna Schectman

Denise and Peter Schlesinger

Karen Schneider

Mary Schoen

Russell G. Schroedl

Barbara J. Schultz

Martin and Martha Schuster

Miriam A. Seim

Peter Seitz

Nihar Shah

Shan Shui Foundation Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

Norah Shaprio and Andrew Harrison

Joyce B. James Sharp

Julia Shaver

Kali Nikitas and Richard M. Shelton ’87

Andrew Sherrard ’11

Lissa Sherron

Amber Shimpa

Audrey J. Singer ’78

Hidee Singer

Ella and Dick Slade

Todd Smalley

Sandra Smalley-Fleming

Susan Spray

Karen S. Stockert ’85

Wendy and John Strachota

David Strzok and Boriana M. Strzok ’08

Christopher R. Sullivan

Angela and David Sunberg

Julie Sunberg

Bill Svrluga

Maria Swenson

Howard Tam

Heather Tansey

John Tastad

Emily S. Taylor ’00

Donald Robert Teslow II

Jane C. Tharpe

Ryan Theisen

Osla Thomason

Ms. Julie Thompson

Barbara and Rondal M. Thompson ’51

Donneen Torrey ’76

Kay Touchette

Autumn and David Tysk

Greg Van Bellinger

Catherine Van der Schans

Lee Vaughan

Michelle Voita

David VonBank

Michael Von Brendel

Brooke Voss

John Wang

David C. Warner

Serene Warren

Matthew G. Wash ’05

Philip Weber and Family

Rich Bleyhl and Mary Welke ’77

Mary Welsh

James Westerman

Monica White

Kimberly Wick

Karen Wilcox ’01

Elena J. and Michael L. Williams

Karen and David Williams

Ric Williams

Alison Wirth

Lisa D. and Peter B. Wocken ’05

Ann Wood ’86 and Dean J. Lucker ’85

Brian Woolsey

Teri and Glenn Woythaler

Mary Yang Thao

Cynthia Young

Gina Young

Jennifer Zuccola


A · · · N · · · Z


A. Johnson & Sons Florist

Lucy R. and LeRoy E. Aasland

AmazonSmile Foundation

Judith Amdur ’74

Joyce and Howard Anderson

Andy Baird ’76

David R. Baker ’66

Harriet and Bruce Bart

Melissa and James Baxter

Susan R. Baysden

Nancy Reynolds and Jack Becker ’76

Rose Marie and Robert Bergherr

Kathryn M. and Marvin R. Braun

Karen Brown

Amy Bueide ’78 and Mark Bueide ’77

Denise and Michael F. Bundlie ’97

Harriet E. Busdicker

Molly Butterfoss ’08

Jeffrey J. Byers

Richard J. Byersdorfer ’68

Joan P. and George L. Carlson

Michael A. Carroll ’68

Chris Claude

Danita J. Connors-Smith

Kitty Crain

Cynthia “Syd” Crow ’91

Suzanne and David Davison

Tim and Janet P. Dray ’88

Amelia J. and John G. Engberg

Rebecca Evermon ’65

Mara Farnworth ’61

Cynthia J. Fay

Marsha B. Wolk and Frank B. Freedman

Charles J. Frisch

Tania M. Frontera ’93

Dolores and James J. Garbarini

Henry P. Garwick

Sue Maberry and Cheri Gaulke ’75

Renee K. George ’86

J. Michael Gorham and Kathleen Giblin ’71

Marian L. Gilbert

Marge Gray ’48 and Jim Gray ’48

Grethen House

Joe and Kerry Margaret Grundhoefer ’95

Kathleen Guerrero

Sharon J. Falink-Halgunseth ’62 and Oliver Halgunseth ’60

Kathryn Brennan Hall ’85

H. Bradley Hammond ’66

Deborah L. Hanson

Allyson R. Harper ’81

Donna Holtan Halverstadt and William Halverstadt

Dakota C.M. Hoska ’12

Lois C. Johnston ’49

Carolyn Jones

Ruth Kasdan

Naomi D. and Barry E. Kassler ’62

R. Marianne Kaufmann

Margaret Mousley Kielty ’68

Gretchen King

Benjamin D. Kjos ’11

Mary T. Kokernot

Jeanne M. Kroone

Tempest (Baker) Kuykendall ’71

Roger Langaard ’75

Doris and Roland Larson

Kathleen M. Laughlin ’68

Eugene and Lorraine C. Levy ’58

Linda and Ross Lewton

Sandra L. and Barton J. Lossing

Judith Isaacson Luna ’75

Marga Laird Lundeen

Gerold and Gunda Luss ’66

Jane A. and James F. Martin

Suzanne Martin ’11

Mercedes Martinez

Michael A. McClure

Gregory L. McDaniels ’68

Dana and Mary McDill

Darlene and Thomas D. Merchant ’74

Janet and Marty Merkt

Leslie and Mary Morris

Anne and John Kim Munholland

Sylvia Myren

Maggie Nathan ’76 and Doug Nathan ’75

Wanda Lee W. Norby ’52

John P. O’Leary

Cathy and Thomas I. Peterson

John K. Porter

Rudolph M. Raccio ’78

Gordon J. Rausch

Patrick Redmond, M.A

Robyne Robinson

Gerald Ronning

Caroline Schwert

Eileen and Mike Secord

Lewis E. Shealy

Cori-Beth Sherlock ’80

Sylvia Kuefpner and Donald C. Sherwood ’60

Siemens Corporation

Ginger L. Sisco

C.E. "Scottie" Skaaden ’47

Marcelyn J. and William B. Smale, Jr.

Rebecca L. Smith ’00

Ms. Linda D. Snider ’96

Sue A. and Joseph C. Sperber

Richard K. Stanley ’66

Beth A. Stockinger

Ann Stoylen ’68

Diana R. and John H. Swanson

Michael Symeonides

Barbara L. Szurek ’78

Julie A. and Bradley J. Tatarek

Deborah Thompson ’76

Lucy Thompson

Shirley A. and Richard D. Thompson

Carolyn A. Schoenig and James A. Trithart

Joseph C. Truax ’74

Jared Tuttle ’14

Paula and Harold W. Vestermark, Jr.

Annie Hayden Wallman

David I. Weinberg

Bruce M. Weitzmon ’74

Marguerite Wilson

Marsha E. and Albert J. Winton ’72

Maria and Michael J. Yerhot

Gifts / Honor and Memorial Gifts

Thank you to our donors who created a meaningful tribute to a friend, family member, or loved one. This is a profound way to honor a special person while supporting MCAD’s mission.

In honor of Rebecca Alm

James R. Johnson

In memory of Joan Munzner

Rebecca Alm

In memory of Christian Hans Nielsen ’93

Stevie Rexroth

In memory of Kate O’Rourke

Julie Jurrjens

In honor of Stevie Rexroth

Gloria Fern

In memory of Hans Otto Schaden

Ann Louise Mohler ’79

In memory of Norman Setter ’56

Joan Setter

In honor of Rik Sferra

Grace D. Sferra

In honor of Jared Tuttle ’14

David Shea

Gifts / Matching Gifts

Thank you to the following companies who support their employees through a matching gift program. These contributions maximize individual gifts to MCAD.

DST Systems, Inc.


GE Foundation

General Mills Foundation

Honeywell Foundation

Macy’s Foundation

Medtronic Foundation

Siemens Corporation

State Farm Companies Foundation

Thomson Reuters

Gifts / In-Kind Gifts

Donations of goods and services help to relieve MCAD’s budget. Thank you to the individuals and businesses who have made a gift to MCAD.


Nachiketa A. Amin

Stephanie Barakos

Black Sheep Pizza (Eat Street)

Ann Burkhart

Kevin Byrne

Clear Channel Outdoor

Common Roots Catering

Copper and Kings

Russell Cowles

Laura and John Crosby

Barbara Cummard

Laura and Thomas A. DeBiaso

Dunn Bros. Coffee

Eastlake Brewery & Tavern

Elizabeth A. Erickson

Fat Lorenzo’s

Darnell and Dick Fischer

Amy and Miles Q. Fiterman ll

Free Arts Minnesota

Lisa Gerten

Susan and Robert Griggs


Susan C. and Justin Kelly

Marcia Krankenberg and Jim Dozier

Anita H. Kunin

LKPB Engineers Inc

Ray Lynch

Nancy Lyons

Colin R. Marx ’12

Modern Press

Vera Myers

New Scenic Café

Kay and Michael O’Keefe

Karin P. Phillips ’95

Kathleen Pletcher and Jay Coogan

Christine Raatikka

Restoration Hardware

Connie Rutledge

Mats Sexton

Elisabeth and Gary Shapiro

Nanci and Gary Smaby

Erin M. Smith ’08

Sociable Cider Werks

Alexei Tylevich ’94

Wedge Co-op

White Crane Construction

Bob Zimmerman

Jon Zum

Art Sale Altruists and International Student Donors

Thank you to MCAD Art Sale Altruists and international student participants who have generously chosen to donate the proceeds from their artwork sold at the MCAD Art Sale to scholarships.

Amruta Buge ’16

Isabela Cruz Holguin

Dustin Davis ’12

Addie Elling ’14

Ana Laura Juarez ’14

Sorie Kim

Kelsey King ’13

Qiuwen Li ’16

Yijia Li

Alissa McCourt ’14

Camille Morehead ’14

Charles Price ’13

Madison Rubenstein ’13

Michelle Stolz ’14

Julie Van Grol ’14, MFA

Yawen Wang ’16

Teagan White ’12

Tianrui Zhang ’15, MFA

The Auction at MCAD 2016 Artists

Thank you to the artists who have generously chosen to donate the proceeds from their artwork sold at The Auction at MCAD to the scholarship fund.

Rob Akey ’82

Nadia Alenov ’10

Brenda Barnum ’80

Hazel Belvo

Erik Benson ’96

Hillary Berg ’08

Erik Brandt

Julie Buffalohead ’95

J.M. Culver ’06

Cy DeCosse ’52

Andrea Dezsö

Aaron Draplin ’00

Patricia Drennan Fecht ’50*

Eric Drommerhausen ’07

Jim Dryden ’96

Mike Dvorak ’96

FAILE (Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller ’02)

Rob Fischer ’93

Gregory Ganeles ’10

Michael Gaughan ’02

David Goldes

Manav Gupta

Ben Innes ’09

Brad Jirka ’76

Colin Kopp ’06

Brian Lesteberg ’04

Charlie Lyon ’93

Ali Malone ’02

Mike McCaffrey

George Morrison ’43*

Shelly Mosman ’95

Mat Ollig ’10

Rhea Pappas ’08

Erika Ritzel ’06

Carla Alexandra Rodriguez ’11

Clinton Rost ’04

Chad Rutter ’06

Paul Shambroom ’78

Angela Strassheim ’95

Do Ho Suh

Allen Swerdlowe

Donald Robert Teslow II

Bill Thorburn ’84

Allison Vallant ’07

Andrew Vomhof ’10

Hanna Vomhof ’11

Robert Whitman

Christopher Williams ’07

Dean Wilson

Our best attempt has been made to include all donors who made a gift to MCAD between June 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016. Please email stassone@mcad.edu to report any errors.

Endowments / Programs and Operations

Distinguished Benefactors

Funds of $2,500,000+

Dorothy M. Lindeke Fund

Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Trust

Ralph Whelan Trust

Leadership Benefactors

Funds of $1,000,000 +

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund

Elbridge Cooke Trust

Ford Foundation Faculty Development Fund

John R. Van Derlip Trust

Thomas F. Wallace Memorial Fund

Major Benefactors

Funds of $500,000–$999,999

Jean B. McHugh Fund

Patron Benefactors

Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Anonymous Fund

Alden C. Buttrick Fund

Eleanor F. Pillsbury Fund

Minneapolis Clearing House Association Fund

Richard and Isobel Gale Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bennett Fund


Funds of $100,000–$249,999

3M Foundation Fund

Anne and Hadlai A. Hull Fund

Cargill Foundation Fund

Carolyn McKnight Christian Fund

Mrs. John H. Daniels Fund

John S. Slorp Teaching Fellowship Fund

Putnam D. McMillan Art School Fund

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fund

Associate Benefactors

Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Betty Bean Flinsch College Convocation Fund

Elizabeth H. Washburn Fund

Elizabeth Hale Fund

Elsie and Mauritz Westmark Fund

F. A. Bean Foundation Fund

Gretchen Field Pillsbury Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John Cowles Sr. Fund

Mary R. Slater Fund in Memory of Wallace and Lillian Reinhardt

Northwestern Bell Telephone Fund

Stanley W. Dwinnell Fund

Star Tribune Fund

Stella J. Hawkinson Fund

Target Corporation Fund

Target Foundation Fund

West Photo Fund


Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Edith E. Johnson Fund

Fjelstul ’96 Visiting Artist Fund

Gary L. Rockler Endowed Equipment Fund**

George H. Christian Memorial Fund

Grace Bliss Dayton Fund

Honeywell Foundation Fund

Leonard G. and Geraldine Carpenter Fund

Munsingwear Inc. Fund

Mrs. and Mrs. Philip Pillsbury Fund

Philips Family Foundation Fund

Piper Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maslon Fund

Southways Foundation Fund

Sumner T. McKnight Foundation Fund

Virginia and James H. Binger Fund

Xcel Energy Fund

Endowments / Scholarships

Leadership Benefactors

Funds of $1,000,000 +

MCAD Associates Scholarship Fund

Winifred and Atherton Bean Leadership Scholarship Fund

Major Benefactors


Class of 1978 Merit Scholarship Fund

Dean Wilson Art of Making Scholarship Fund

Ford Foundation Scholarship Fund

Friends of the College Scholarship Fund

Roy B. Justus Scholarship Fund

Patron Benefactors

Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Athwin Foundation Bachelor of Science Scholarship*

Clinton and Mary Morrison Leadership Scholarship Fund

Donna and Cargill MacMillan Jr. Scholarship Fund*

George H. Halpin Memorial Fund

Ida Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jean and Glenn Brooks Scholarship Fund*

R. Thomas Gunkelman and Gaylord Benson Scholarship Fund

Virginia M. Binger Merit Scholarship Fund


Funds of $100,000–$249,999

Alice Batzli Scholarship Fund

Andrea Thoe Nasset Memorial Scholarship Fund

Beth Ann Lundin ’93 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charles Bell Fund

David and Debra Andreas Scholarship Fund

Ella Pillsbury Crosby Scholarship Fund

Frank Austin Carl Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gary L. Rockler Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund

John Garrigan ’62 Scholarship Fund

MCAD Art Sale Scholarship Fund*

Michael Guy Sweet ’89 Scholarship Fund

Patricia B. Saunders Scholarship Fund

Paula and Cy DeCosse ’52 Scholarship Fund

Roberto Matta Scholarship Fund**

Shirley and Miles Fiterman Scholarship Fund

Associate Benefactors

Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Abby Weed Grey Scholarship Fund

Bob and Gerry Nehotte ’62 Scholarship Fund

Business and Industry Scholarship Fund

Edmund J. Phelps Scholarship Fund

Edward M. Johnson Art Scholarship Fund

F. McGovan Scholarship Fund

Gala Scholarship Fund

Jean Bender Schutz ’61 Scholarship Fund

Kinji Akagawa Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies

Larry Schoenecker Scholarship*

Lee Lynch Advertising Scholarship Fund

Little & Co. Merit Scholarship Fund

MCAD Alumni Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Paul A. Brooks Fund

Roman and Alice Verostko Scholarship Fund

Sharon Baver ’76 Scholarship Fund

Susan Calmenson Scholarship Fund

Thomas White ’90 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tom and Phyllis Colwell Mentoring Scholarship Fund

Travelers Inc. Scholarship Fund

Virginia M. Binger Arts Scholarship Fund

Warren Moen ’49 Scholarship Fund

Winton Jones Scholarship Fund


Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Alexei Tylevich ’94 Scholarship Fund**

Aribert and Joan Munzner Scholarship Fund**

Arthur R. Gruber ’32 Scholarship Fund

Birney Quick ’51 Scholarship Fund

Gary and Mary K. Stern Supporting Scholarship Fund

Kate O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kelley Lynch Eternal Optimist Scholarship Fund

The Open Door Foundation Scholarship Fund

Patricia Kennedy Crump Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paul Olsen Scholarship Fund

President Michael O’Keefe Scholarship Fund

Robert L. and Sharon G. Ryan Scholarship Fund

Vince Leo Scholarship Fund

*Fund has moved up in value category

**Newly established fund

Leadership / Trustees

Uri Camarena, Chair

David Moore, Vice Chair

Howard Rubin, Treasurer

Leslie Berkshire, Secretary

Clinton H. Morrison, Immediate Past Chair

Brian Adducci ’92

Ta-coumba Aiken

Kevin Bennett

Mary Bowman Rae

Susan Calmenson

Anne Cashill

Cinda Collins

Miles Q. Fiterman

Jay Jackley

Susan Kelly

B. John Lindahl

Peter Lindahl

Mitzi Magid

Betsy Massie

Elizabeth Nientimp

Todd Paulson

Donald Robert Teslow II

Bill Thorburn ’84

Trustees by Virtue of Office

Jay Coogan, President

Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA, President, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Life Trustees

Bruce W. Bean

Cy DeCosse ’52

Emeritus Trustees

David Andreas

Gail Blake

Patricia Bratnober Saunders

Thomas Colwell

John Cuningham

Shirley Fiterman

Michael Halvorson ’66

David Hartwell

Kent Hodder

Dean Koutsky ’57

Larry Lamb

James Larson

Ken Lindgren

Lee Lynch

Bradley Nuorala

Brian Palmer

Paul Pesek

Craig Rice

Jim Ryman ’65

Terry Saario

Diana Scheff

Rachael Scherer

Gary Stern

Missy Staples Thompson

Leadership / Alumni Board of Directors

Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA, Board President

Larry Holderfield ’14, Board Vice President

David Jon Finch ’00, Secretary

Abbi Allan ’08, MFA

Justin Clifton ’00

Alex Grinyayev ’00

Jeremi Hanson ’01

Mindy Knoll ’00

Katrin Loss ’00

Antonia Maistrova ’06

Suzy Martin ’11

Bobby Rogers ’14

Jared Tuttle ’14

Leadership / Professors Emeriti

Kinji Akagawa ’68

Patricia Allred

Philip R. Anderson

Hazel Belvo

Kevin Byrne

Frank W. Dreisbach

Elizabeth Erickson

Carole Fisher ’64

Hazel K. Gamec ’67

Phebe D. Hanson

Phil Larson

Vince Leo

Mary McDunn

Ari P. Munzner

Paul R. Olsen ’48

Birney Quick ’51

Peter Seitz

Dick O. Shaw

Roman J. Verostko

Ruth Voights

Dean Wilson

Gifts by Type


Restricted to Academic Programs: 1.8%

Unrestricted: 19.9%

Restricted to Annual Scholarships: 38.7%

Restricted to Artist Fellowship Programs: 39.6%

Gifts by Source


Corporations/Organizations: 10.2%

Trustees: 13.6%

Alumni: 6.7%

Parents and Friends: 24.8%

Family Foundations/Family Trusts: 8.8%

Foundations: 35.9%