Careers in Drawing

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Drawers have the ability to communicate emotions and ideas as a creative visual. Careers in this field can range from illustrating for entertainment and educational purposes to teaching to being a fine artist.

Book Illustrator

Most often paired with a professional writer, book illustrators create drawings and designs that accompany stories or information told in books or educational materials.

Comic Illustrator

Entrepreneur, freelancer or staff artist that draw, storyboard, and sometimes write narrative stories for comic books. Jobs are split up in larger companies to meet demanding production deadlines.

Courtroom Illustrator

Execute drawings of court trials for newspapers and television networks and stations.

Children's Book Illustrator

Create drawings and designs that accompany stories told children's books or educational materials. Some illustrators write their own books, but most often a publisher pairs them with a professional writer.

Fine Artist

Fine artists sell work to individuals, galleries, interior designers, architects, libraries, community centers, churches, banks, hotels, government and elsewhere on a freelance basis or by commission. They must be self-motivated and able to accept criticism. At times work is commissioned, but most often it is created and sold afterwards.

Freelance Illustrator

Illustrators design and create images for magazines, publishers, film studios, newspapers, advertising agencies, design firms, and museums. Illustrators usually specialize in one or two areas such as book illustration, storyboard illustration for movies/TV, fashion illustration, medical illustration, greeting card illustration, or magazine illustration. Professional illustrators may work as freelancers or full-time for companies producing stationery products, greeting cards, wrapping paper, or publications. No degree is required to become an illustrator, but a bachelor's degree will help to advance skills, build a portfolio, and make business connections.

Instructor or Professor

Teaches classes either as a part-time adjunct or full-time instructor at a college or university. May also design courses or assist with curriculum development. Typically requires a terminal degree such as a MFA.

Medical or Technical Illustrator

Produce illustrations, technical drawings and maps for medical, technical and scientific journals, manuals and books. Often computer illustration.

Political Cartoonist

Political cartoonists create drawings and illustrations that stand alone or accompany stories told in magazine articles, newspapers, or books.


Alum Spotlight

Mary GrandPré, the illustrator of all the American Harry Potter books, is best-known for her renditions of the Boy Wizard.


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