Careers in Graphic Design

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Graphic designers often work for design firms, corporations, museums, schools, and the news/information industry. Designers are needed to create all kinds of visuals including publications, annual reports, manuals, infographics, packaging, advertisements, maps, logos, greeting cards, posters, and much more.

Art Director

Work with an advertising agency or design studio. Design graphics for consumer advertising campaigns and product promotion. Develop liaisons with new clients. Make presentations to clients. Develop market research and plan promotional campaigns. Handle all aspects of studio work on a freelance or staff basis. Design graphics for use in films and television, storyboards, computer graphics, art direction, set design, advertising, promotional design work and film titles.

Environmental Graphic Designer

Freelance or staff position with design studios, display companies, exhibition manufacturers, sign companies, printer, community agencies, government agencies. Design 2D and 3D museum exhibition materials, billboards, signs, charts, vehicle lettering, murals, instructional and directional signage. This requires skills in communications, model making, and design-planning and 3D structures. Kiosks, instant cash machines and store interiors are some other examples.

Production Designer

Prepare and manipulate images on the computer which will eventually end up in print. The printer translates it from digital information into its final form. These designers need to be technicians.


Establishes the look of new alphabets by designing individual letters. Using a combination of visual and mathematical manipulation, it involves hand sketches, letter form development, letter spacing.


Graphic Design Alum Spotlight

From working with ten designers at MCAD DesignWorks to 200+ at Target Creative, Emily Reile has appreciated the variety.


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