Careers in Printmaking

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The ancient practice of printmaking still thrives in the modern world. In addition to creating original prints to sell to private and corporate collections, the skills those with degrees in printmaking hold can translate to careers in arts administration, curating, and print production.

Animation Scene Artist

Work in television, motion pictures, or video games. Conceptualize characters and settings in a variety of media.

Art Programs Administrator

Manage enrollment and instructors while also marketing existing and creating new programs. Organize volunteers and increase attendance.

Gallery Curator

Acquire, care for, develop, display, and interpret a collection of artifacts or works of art in order to inform, educate, and entertain the public.

Print Production Artist

Work with art directors and designers to make quick revisions to files before a piece is ready to print. Proof and press check projects.


Design and make vibrant, artful, expressive prints. Use techniques including woodcuts and silk-screens to transpose images onto surfaces.


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