Careers in Sustainable Design

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Sustainable designers seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve the health and comfort of people now and in the future. They may do so by educating the public, providing them with greener products, or partaking in research.

Green Packaging Designer

Helps companies develop ecologically aware choices to develop packaging that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Green Product Designer

Analyzes products to solve usability or sustainability design problems. Also creates working models of products and determines economical and sustainable materials to build products.

Green Marketer

Provides industry professionals with practical strategic marketing advice on how to build green brands and motivate mass-market adoption of more sustainable products.

Sustainable Community Planner

Works with local communities to create environmentally sustainable solutions for land use, growth management and transportation solutions.

Sustainability Researcher

Conducts or contributes to research projects at universities or green institutes in collaboration with corporate, non-profit, government, and university participants.


Sustainable Design Alum Spotlight

Arlene Birt helps individuals connect emotionally to the specific social and ecological-sustainability impacts of the everyday actions of people.


Educational Opportunities at MCAD

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