Careers in Visual Communications

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Visual communicators employ a wide variety of visual means to share messages with their audiences. Those in this field creatively convey visual data such as graphics, animation, web design, and motion graphics.

Art Director

Work with an advertising agency or design studio. Design graphics for consumer advertising campaigns and product promotion. Make presentations to clients. Develop market research and plan promotional campaigns. Design graphics for use in films and television, storyboards, computer graphics, art direction, set design, advertising, promotional design work and film titles.

Commercial Artist

Produce art for promotional materials and commercials. Create work ranging from expressive and vibrant to quiet and simple. Focus your unique talent and style to tell the client’s story.

Communication Designer

Design and develop publications, annual reports, manuals, catalogs, instructional material, packaging, advertisements, maps, logos, products, business forms, greeting cards, posters, calendars, and a wide variety of other materials.

Creative Services Director

Lead and manage a team of designers to meet the needs of departments within your company. Presentations for the president, brochures for the sales team, every day is a new challenge.

Web Designer

Utilize the best, most widely adopted technologies to implement compelling visual communications for a variety of end-user devices. Design for iPads, mobile phones, desktops, and laptops.


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