Housing and Student Life

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For many students, college represents their first taste of independent living, oftentimes in a new city or country. At MCAD, we ensure each student's adjustment to college life is a smooth one.

Our on-campus apartments allow you to easily meet and hang out with peers (but are also private enough to allow you to concentrate on your coursework), and the surrounding Whittier Neighborhood is brimming with off-campus living options. So that you never go hungry, our shuttles make regular grocery store runs and we have a cafeteria in our Main Building.

Student Life
MCAD plans a number of social events throughout the year to give students a chance to relax (and eat free food). Students are also encouraged to take breaks from homework by joining student groups, hitting the gym, and exploring the Twin Cities—campus is anywhere from a few steps to a short public transit ride away from more entertainment than you'll be able to take in before graduating.

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