This real-world work experience allows you to earn credits, boost your resume, and sometimes even stamp your passport.

An internship is a required academic learning experience where you work under the mentorship of an experienced professional. Working on-site, you perform real-world projects while learning about your chosen industry, enhancing your skills, networking, and building your portfolio.

Bobby Rogers


"I did an internship called Catalyst for Chemistry where MCAD students partnered with chemistry grad students from the U of M to find ways to make chemistry more interesting to middle schoolers. First we studied chemistry experiments with the grad students so we would know what we were talking about, and then we met with the kids and asked them what they would like to see. Using that info we designed pamphlets, animations, comics, and posters."


Minneapolis is a small community, so it's easy to meet people who can help you get internships and jobs. There's always a connection somewhere.

Jenna Ballinger, Entrepreneurial Studies


Jared Tuttle


"I interned with Lindsay Nohl last summer. We started off by going to NYC for a trade show where I met the amazing artists Daniel Fishel and Sam O’Connell. After that, I worked on projects for Light Grey Art Lab and Paper Bicycle, Lindsay’s design business. I interviewed artists, priced and shipped artwork, utilized social media, and more. I’m now doing an independent study with Daniel Fishel—proof that making connections through your internships is really important."


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