Introduction To Sustainable Design (Fall 2015)

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In this foundational course students are introduced to hands-on and holistic approaches to sustainability. This course covers current sustainability frameworks, principles, and materials assessments, as well as the history and logic behind them, providing students with useful research tools to apply to the ever-changing demands of sustainable design, business, development, and policy-making. / Open to students ages 18 and above.

Required Hardware: Computer with internet access; digital camera or scanner

Required Textbook: Design is the Problem, Shedroff (ISBN: 978-1-933820-00-2,

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Course Details

Course Number: SD 6500
Dates: Aug. 24 – Dec. 11
Online - Asynchronous
Online - Asynchronous
Online - Asynchronous
Non-Credit Tuition: $1170.00
3 Credit Tuition: $3162.00

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