World of Art: Global Perspectives on Visual Art (Fall 2014)

Creativity and the Humanities Online

Cultures all over the world make art and visual culture, though the West has given itself the historical role of defining what is art versus "cultural artifact". In this class, students will learn about the art traditions of non-Western cultures through objects, concepts, and media.

Students will also explore how non-Western art informs the Western canon, and the reverse, and how definitions of art change as a result. There will also be discussion of the role of art in a global context, and whether art-making is a human universal or a learned cultural practice. The learning activities in this class will consist of reading and discussion, and a visit to a local art or anthropology museum for a brief mini-research project. / Open to students ages 16 and above.

Required Software: Computer with internet access, digital camera or scanner.

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Course Number: CSLA 1600
Dates: Oct. 6 – Nov. 7
Online - Asynchronous
Online - Asynchronous
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Online - Asynchronous
Non-Credit Tuition: $380.00
1 Credit Tuition: $776.00

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