Design and Digital Media

It's time to make something new. Photocopy, scan, photograph, trace, light, cut, layer, make prints with car tires, freeze a sculpture in a container of milk. This class will give students a chance to create whatever they can dream up.

It doesn't matter what stage someone is in with their art-making, whether they want to inject their work with new ideas, or they think they cannot draw but want to make a body of compelling images. In this class, students will develop new approaches to producing pictures and explore the role of free experimentation (or, play) in artistic progression.

Through multiple projects, students in this class will explore new materials for mark-making, photography, and sculpture; misuse old tools; invent their own techniques; and make a ton of stuff. Students will also spend time discussing their discoveries, successes, and new aesthetics.

At the end of the class, each student will have new work with striking, fascinating images that can live on their own and new processes to enrich their art and design work. While this class encourages all types of creative practice, students will not have access to MCAD's facilities or equipment such as the Printshop, 3D Shop, Paper Studio, or darkroom. / Materials fee of $10 in addition to class tuition. / Open to students ages 16 and above.

What to Bring: Pen or pencil; notebook or sketchbook; USB Drive, blank CD, or cloud storage option for saving work. Any kind of digital camera, from DSLR to cell phone.

What to Wear: Clothes appropriate for messy creativity.

Please Register Before: October 5

If the minimum enrollment is not met by the deadline above, the class will be canceled on this date. Registration will remain open after this date if the minimum enrollment has been met.

Class Savings

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Course Details

CSDE 9402 FA17
Date Start: 
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Date End: 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
6:30–9:30 p.m
Main Building Room 300
Age Group: 
Age Requirement: 
Open to students ages 16 and above.
Days of Week: