Web Development: PHP and Wordpress (Spring 2015)

Interactive Design and Marketing Online

This class will introduce students to server-side/backend web development via PHP and the Wordpress content management system (CMS).

Students will learn how these tools can be used to create dynamic pages and templates that allow for creating and publishing content without repetitive page development.

They will also be introduced to version control using Git and shown how to integrate that into their development workflow.

Lastly, students will learn how to translate design comps and static HTML/CSS mockups into a dynamic site using Wordpress and to customize it to match their content using page/post templates, as well as custom fields and content types. / Open to students ages 18 and above.

Prerequisite Class: Web Development: HTML and CSS.

Required Textbooks: PHP for Absolute Beginners, Lengstorf (ISBN: 978-1430224730); Web Designer's Guide to Wordpress: Plan, Build, Theme, Launch (ISBN: 978-0321832818).

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Course Details

Course Number: IDM 6630
Dates: Jan. 20 – May. 12
Online - Asynchronous
Online - Asynchronous
Al Spohn
Online - Asynchronous
Non-Credit Tuition: $1140.00
3 Credit Tuition: $2328.00

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