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Connect from anywhere, using our studio model to study, create and challenge yourself in a larger community of online learners.

Online classes at MCAD range from the fundamental to the experimental. Our flexible classes help you realize your potential and expand your art and design skills—whether you are a degree-seeking student, a high school student interested in attending art school early, an arts educator, a professional artist/designer or simply a life-long learner.

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Explore fine arts concepts and skills while engaging in online critiques in these teen-friendly classes.

Created for working professionals, these classes weave three essential, interactive strands together: Design, development, and marketing.

Gain in-depth, actionable knowledge that keeps you and your organization at the forefront of Sustainability.

Enhance your professional resume by adding graphic design skills and knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite with these introductory level classes.

Develop new perspectives and generate ideas which will benefit every aspect of your creative and professional experience.