Anders Nienstaedt


Anders Nienstaedt, Instructor

As a sculptor, designer, and filmmaker, Anders Nienstaedt enjoys three-dimensional exploration across a range of scales and media. In addition to helping run the MCAD 3D shop as a technician, Anders also teaches MCAD Continuing Education's Building Contemporary Furniture class. 

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Carrie Hartman

Carrie Hartman, Instructor

Carrie Hartman's résumé includes book illustration, editorial work, character design for a national commercial, comic books, paper designs, identity and branding, murals, and more. She has illustrated more than twenty picture books, is currently writing several of her own picture books, and has authored one book.

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Neal Peterson

Neal Peterson, Instructor

Neal Peterson is a Minneapolis-based artist and designer whose background covers branding, print and digital design, infographics, video, and audio for both corporate and non-profit organizations.

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Mary Henry, Instructor

Mary Henry is an artist and educator who focuses primarily on travel and narrative photography, but also dabbles in printmaking, sculpture, and film.

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Linda Landry, Continuing Education Student

"I have taken many continuing education classes from Boston to Portland, but MCAD has been by far the most organized, friendly, and welcoming. I appreciate most the quality and consistency of service from MCAD, as well as MCAD’s striving to stay current with today’s trends."

Building Contemporary Furniture

Kent Huelman, Continuing Education Student

"I've never taken a class at MCAD I haven't fully enjoyed. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. When one semester ends, I can't wait for the next to begin. There is always something new to learn."