Making Websites

Summer Young Teens Classes Ages 11-14

While the internet is a primary communication, education, and entertainment tool for most teens, the technologies and languages running their favorite websites, blogs, and social networks often remain a mystery. This class will help illuminate these technologies, providing students the chance to develop their own hand-coded websites.

Beginning with a brief history of the internet, then moving through exercises in a variety of programming languages, (including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), students will learn how to create sites and pages harnessing the best practices and technology available.

Whether their goal is to create sites for self-expression, future entrepreneurial pursuits, or to simply understand the technology they use every day, this class will start them on their journey along the information superhighway. / Facilities fee of $25 in addition to class tuition.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Mac OS X operating system.

What to Bring: USB drive (1 GB minimum); notebook; pen or pencil.

Class Savings

/ Register for more than one class at a time and receive $25 off each additional class (same-day, same-family registrations only).


Contact MCAD Continuing Education at or call 612.874.3765.

Course Details

Course Number: CST 9500
Dates: Jul. 13 – Jul. 17
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Sieng Lee
Main Building Room 331
Non-Credit Tuition: $175.00

Registration Details