BFA Academic Path

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From your first compositions and critiques to real-world work experiences, the BFA curriculum is a systematic process that transforms you from an MCAD student into a creative professional.

Year One: MCAD Community

  • Develop your place in the MCAD community through classes, student activities, and the Art Sale
  • Explore your major options
  • Take foundation classes
    • Studio: basic skills and work ethic
    • Liberal arts: art history and vocabulary

Year Two: Focusing Interests

  • Choose a major
  • Build concentrated skills in your major
    • Spanning from concept to development

Year Three: The Community of Practice

  • Take electives outside of your major
  • Prepare for your transition from student to working professional
  • Successfully complete your Junior Review
  • Gain practical, real-world experience through an internship
  • Study abroad or elsewhere in the U.S.

Year Four: The Professional World

  • Deepen your investigation of and commitment to your body of work
  • Participate in the Emerging Talent Showcase
  • Develop and complete a semester-long project to culminate in the Commencement Exhibition