MFA 2014 Thesis Exhibition


This culminating exhibition presents a variety of disciplines including: painting, comics, animation, illustration, sculpture, and graphic design, the exhibition will feature work by 26 artists and designers. This exhibition is the result of a two-year interdisciplinary journey of intensive research and studio practice. Whether you're interested in contemporary painting and installation art or cutting-edge graphic design this exhibition will push boundaries into new ideas and visual structures.


Graduating Master of Fine Arts Candidates
Julie Bohmer–Illustration • Allison Bolah–Photography • Sean Cairns–Sculptures • Zach Collins–Collage/Collaboration • Adam Hamilton–Painting/Installation • Shannon Gilley–Animation • Christina Huang–Graphic Design • Connie Kang–Graphic Design • Jacklyn Kim–Comic Arts • Trevor Knott–Sculpture/Performance • Azisa Koesoema–Comic Arts • Sieng Lee–Graphic Design • Wenwen Liao–Animation • Tiffany Lou–Graphic Design • Dennis Madamba–Illustration • Alissa McCourt–Sculpture/Performance • Sreekishen Nair–Sculpture/Mixed Media Installation • Desiree Niu–Graphic Design • Eric Syvertson–Painting • Liyuan Tong–Graphic Design • Kathryn Van Zante–Drawing/Painting • Duoni Wang–Graphic Design • Huiqian Wu–Graphic Design • Jim Yang–Illustration • Sean Zhang–Graphic Design • Kelsey Zigmund–Illustration