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Held every year the weekend before Thanksgiving, the MCAD Art Sale is your chance to buy one-of-a-kind art created by students and recent graduates at unbeatable prices.

Having just wrapped up its seventeenth year, the sale is a Minnesota tradition that has generated more than $2,500,000 for emerging artists. All proceeds go directly to the individual artists or to MCAD Art Sale Scholarship funds.

This event has gained a tremendous reputation as one of the nation's top destinations for affordable, appreciable artwork by leading-edge artists who are creating not only what's new, but also what's next.

2015 Dates

November 19
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November 20
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November 21


Reviews of the MCAD Art Sale

City Pages

“Each year, MCAD opens its door for a three-day art sale that can only be described as epic. During this time, thousands of works are available for sale. That number is no joke. There are hallways filled with paintings, stacks of mounted photography, common areas with sculptures, rooms filled with comic art, cases offering jewelry, and pretty much anything else that falls under 'visual art.'”

Star Tribune

“Arguably the best original art sale in the Twin Cities . . . fans line up about 30 to 45 minutes before the velvet ropes come down on Thursday and Friday . . . If you haven't been to the sale before, I highly recommend it.”


“Ah, the MCAD Art Sale. The art hunter's dream come true. Each year the school holds the biggest art sale in the Twin Cities within their sprawling halls, featuring over 7,000 pieces up for grabs . . . Personally, we can spend hours nitpicking through this amazing sale; the size and scope of it is simply, wonderfully maddening . . . Our advice? Wear a nut cup; collectors do not mess around at the MCAD Art Sale.”

Secrets of the City

“Each year local art aficionados flock in droves to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's annual art sale. Why? Well, combine hundreds of majorly talented student and alumni artists, over 7,000 works, price points under $1,000 (with most under $100) and you've got the recipe for a rabid, art-buying frenzy.”

Pioneer Press

“For more than a decade, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's annual art sale has become a must-stop for those wanting to add to their collection or folks who are just looking for something they love to hang on their wall.”

Travel and Accommodations


A convenient light-rail system connects the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) to downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, and several other locations. Buses, taxis, and shuttles are also available for ground transportation.


A number of hotel options are available in downtown Minneapolis. If you stay downtown, MCAD is just a short drive or public transportation ride away.