Call: Mechademia Conference on Asian Popular Cultures


September 26–28, 2014

Traditional Texts / Transformational Practices

This conference will embark on an exploration covering all manner of texts; anime, manga, illustration, art, concepts, videos, films, gaming, fan practices, and costumes—as works that both carry on traditions or transform them through differing practices or performances, or both.

In a period when our traditional texts are being reissued, or reimagined as fanfics and slash, or transformed as part of an appropriative and creative practice on the part of fans; scholars must (re)examine and (re)evaluate these canonical works to track the pathways and locations of these works under radical (re)(de)construction.

Possible areas for exploration include but do not exhaust:

  • Fanfic and/or slash
  • Historic and/or contemporary manga
  • Historic and/or contemporary manhwa
  • Historic precursors of manga/ manhwa
  • Musical scores for anime and gaming
  • World comics
  • Kyara and characters
  • Donjinshi
  • Online manga
  • Scanlation
  • Keitai novels
  • Illustration
  • Superflat
  • Gaming and/or gaming theory
  • Cosplay
  • Lolita and/or Zoku couture
  • Costume performance and/or evaluation
  • Historical and/or contemporary anime
  • YouTube anime
  • YouTube Con documentaries
  • Page-to-Screen adaptations
  • Artmecho aesthetics
  • Issues of authenticity

In addition to general registration, there will be a separate Zoom-Room registration whereby you can both attend the sessions and/or present a paper via the online application of Zoom. Zoom, an easy-to-use Skype-like application, was pioneered for SGMS last year; it allows for as many as 24 Zoom-Room seats in each panel session and can easily accommodate those participants to both present and address questions and comments afterwards.

All proceedings are held at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Millennium Hotel will probably have conference rates, and as soon as we have confirmation on rates we will publish them.

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Deadline for submission is: September 15, 2014.