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Mechademia: Conference on Asian Popular Cultures

September 25–27, 2015
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Mechademia: Conference on Asian Popular Cultures (formerly SGMS) is an internationally recognized three-day conference that explores and celebrates global popular cultures influenced by anime and manga. Through its unique merger of academic and fan concerns, Mechademia engages both anime's and manga's creative and cultural implications and practices. Please visit our Facebook Page for breaking details!

For conference presentation panel, submit suggested panel title, and all abstracts, participant names and contact information; or for singular presentation paper submission, please send contact information and a 200-word abstract by September 11, 2015, to

About Zoom-Room: In addition to general registration, there will be a separate Zoom-Room registration whereby you can both attend the sessions and/or present a paper via the online application of Zoom. Zoom, an easy-to-use Skype-like application, was pioneered for SGMS last year; it allows for as many as 24 Zoom-Room seats in each panel session and can easily accommodate those participants to both present and address questions and comments afterwards.

Registration Fee Structure

  • Faculty and Independent Scholars, including ZoomRoom Presenters—$125
  • Graduate Students—$100 ($25 discount)
  • Undergraduate Students—$75 ($50 discount)
  • ZoomRoom Participant—$75($50 discount)
  • All MCAD Students—$25 ($100 discount)
  • *Public Lecture: Brianna Wu, Friday, September 25—$15 ($110 discount)

Registration includes entrance to all Mechademia Conference events, including the Full Fashion Panic fashion show, dozens of academic panels on manga and anime, and other events.

If you would like to only attend the Full Fashion Panic fashion show you can purchase individual tickets online for $15.

*The public lecture on September 25 is free for all MCAD students to attend.

If you want to register multiple people, please return to this page and fill out the form below for each registrant.

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