Northern Spark 2014

June 14, 2014
Dusk until Dawn

Northern Spark is art all night, community all year.

This dusk-to-dawn urban art festival takes place in five connected zones of Minneapolis. We invite you to come along for a nocturnal adventure where together we’ll project the city we aspire to be with our actions, voices, ideas, and technologies.

MCAD is looking forward to participating in Northern Spark, the Twin Cities' fourth annual all-night arts festival. The MCAD/MIA campus will once again be a major hub from dusk until dawn.

The overall theme for MCAD's events is "Déjà Vu," and in that spirit we are featuring ten projects that are reincarnations of something you might have seen before, on or off our campus. We are re-installing Keetra Dean Dixon's "Swing Hall, Swing All" project from Northern Spark 2012 in the MCAD skyway; projecting "The Magic Hand of Chance," an algorithmic computer program by digital pioneer Roman Verostko that was first shown in 1982; hosting a participatory TASK party in our main gallery (bigger than the one we hosted in 2010); spotlighting the teaching talents of our students, alumni, and staff in a series of 15-minute art classes; and showcasing a series of alumni short films and animations from past commencement shows.

Additionally, just in time for Northern Spark, a new work of art featuring alumni will be installed in the MCAD Sculpture Garden.

Projects include:

15-Minute Art Classes

Primary artist names: Various
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Various locations around campus
Have you always wanted to make art but couldn’t find the time? There are a dozen opportunities to learn from MCAD-affiliated artists in fifteen minutes or less.

Archive Fever

Primary artist names: Christopher Alday, Nathan Lewis, Jo Yeh
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Concourse Gallery, north stairwell, various locations, Main Building
An artistic interpretation of MCAD’s archives, from 1886 to the present.

Blasts from the Past

Primary artist names: MCAD students
Hours of project: All night
Project location: East lawn
Sit back and sample some of the creative films, videos, and animations that MCAD students have presented over the past decades. Appropriate for kids ages 1 to 99.

Fragment, why we do this

Primary artist name: Andy Ducett
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Corridor Gallery, first floor, Main Building
Reexperience the sounds and sensations of bubble wrap under your feet and popping balloons, fragments from Andy Ducett's installation why we do this.


Primary artist names: Taylor Carik, Lori Erickson, Maxwell Hoaglund, Allegra Lockstadt, Chuck Olsen
Hours of project: All night
Project location: In front of Auditorium 150, Main Gallery, and Target Park
Presented by: VidTiger
Sculpt the future in FutureKave, a participatory 3D game that puts you on the moon with the power to bring colorful life to a desolate world.

Lost, Found & Wanted Shanty

Primary artist names: Christopher Alday, Kara Gregory, Jennifer Hibbard, Natasha Pestich
Hours of project: All night
Project location: East Lawn
Lost, Found & Wanted Shanty will be making connections all over Minneapolis. Write up and post what you’ve lost, what you’ve found, a personal ad, or something to trade.

The Magic Hand of Chance

Primary artist name: Roman Verostko
Hours of project: All Night
Project location: North entrance wall, Main Building
This pioneering work by Roman Verostko presents a nostalgic display of early "computer art" created in 1982.

Public Print Works

Primary artist names: Piotr Szyhalski
Hours of project: All night
Project location: MCAD
Exploring the blurring of boundaries between production and consumption of art, between physical and intellectual, and between public and private.

Shape Shifting: A Reinstallation of the MCAD Sculpture Garden

Primary artist name: Gary Batzloff, Vince Donarski, Shannon Estlund, Kelly Ludeking, Alissa McCourt, Scott Szarkowicz
Hours of project: All Night
Project location: Sculpture Garden, south of Main bBuilding along 26th St
It’s a map, it’s a house . . . it’s a lot of new art populating the MCAD sculpture garden! Six alumni reshape projects to fit the campus theme of “déjà-vu.”

Swing Hall, Swing All

Primary artist name: Keetra Dean Dixon
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Skywalk
Keetra Dean Dixon’s collective high in the sky swing installation in MCAD's skyway.

TASK Party

Primary artist name: Oliver Herring
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Main Gallery
TASK is an improvisational participatory event with a simple structure and very few rules. Write a task, pull a task, interpret a task—the possibilities are endless.

Arcade Backpack

Primary artist name: Tyler Stefanich and MCAD community
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Mobile unit around campus
Take your turn playing the ultimate portable arcade machine designed to be worn as a backpack.