Northern Spark: a nuit blanche

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is proud to be participating in Northern Spark, a “blanche nuit” or “all night” participatory event throughout the Twin Cities highlighting 200 artists and their work at 40 venues from dusk June 4 until dawn June 5.


Roman Verostko: Three-Story Drawing Machine

At dusk Roman Verostko's drawing machine will begin creating an algorithmic drawing guided by his coded drawing instructions. The drawing ratio, scaled for a three-story wall, will be coded for completion at sunrise at the end of a 705 minute drawing session. The drawing machine, as it traces each line in the artist’s studio, will be projected in real time, drawing on MCAD’s three-story wall.

As each stroke traces its path, viewers experience sound aligned with the speed and direction of the drawing path. Gradually the disciplined logic of the algorithm and the poetry of form merge. This process marries mind and machine. The completed work, as “Algorithmic Poetry”, complements the artist’s recent show at the Digital Art Museum Gallery, [DAM] Berlin. The digital art pioneer, Frieder Nake, for a public dialogue with Verostko in Berlin, viewed this series as the “Joy of Digital”, a celebration of the charm and grace of algorithmic form.


Projections: An MCAD All-Nighter features four site-specific installations by MCAD students that are visible around the college campus.

Bryan Clendenen and Lauren Thorson, design MFA students, utilize motion graphics, light, and sound projected atop three-dimensional shapes to create Synthetic Unity, an installation that also includes live music by Chester Yourczek, a composer from McNally School of Music. Installed in a non-descript hallway indoors, the piece will completely change the nature of the space and demonstrate how audiovisual design has the ability to shape and control environments.

Jack FX Pavlik’s sound sculpture Group of Twenty consists of twenty individual free standing sound making parts that are controlled by computer, which “plays” a very basic timed composition. Placed on the east lawn outside the Main building, the sound environment is shaped not only by the sound making elements, but the building and its surroundings and the change in lighting from day to night and day again.

Anthony Warnick’s installation will be a soccer scoreboard projected on the east wall of the Main building. In addition to score and time, the projection will include data about the two teams (Communists vs Capitalists) that have been created in advance. The game is played live and scored based on the appearance of each player’s name on Twitter during the 90 minutes that comprises one game. While dealing with the conflict between philosophical/political systems in a playful way, the project is constructed in a way where the voice of the individual gets lost in the pounding sea of noise that is the Internet.

Rachel Knoll and Luke Axelson are creating an audiovisual installation that brings together moving image, sculpture, sound, and spatial relationships. Mundane data extracted from numerous locations on- and off-campus will be transposed and installed in Gallery 148. The result will be a unique sensory syntax created by pre-recorded and real-time sound, video projection, interactive elements, and environmental design.


The American Swedish Institute: slöjd; Make Your Own Wire Craft

Staff and volunteers from the American Swedish Institute will aid in the creation of your own wire project at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design! Wire craft is a type of slöjd, or handcraft, that is experiencing a renaissance in Sweden today. Participants can make a small wire hook, adding their own artistic embellishments.

The American Swedish Institute, housed in the Turnblad Mansion, is a place to learn about and experience Swedish, Swedish-American, and Nordic culture, learn about the role of Swedish and other immigrants in Minnesota’s history, and share stories and experiences. As ASI undergoes a period of construction and renovation, look for us out in the community at events like this! For more information about the center, visit: