Dave Wheeler



Continuing Education
BFA/Savannah College of Art and Design

Dave Wheeler was born in Minneapolis, MN in the winter of 1987. A born comic enthusiast, Wheeler spent much of his childhood with his head in the clouds and his nose in his books (Mostly The Amazing Spider-Man). He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design graduating in the Spring of 2009 with honors. While earning his degree and getting his career started Dave started MIND WAVE COMICS with his friend, Samir Barrett, in 2009. Creating comics for all ages became the driving force behind the company and still is to this day. Wheeler continues to work all over the comics industry while keeping on top of his work with MIND WAVE COMICS writing, inking, lettering, and coloring 2 out of the 3 titles put out from the young company. Last year, Wheeler was able to achieve another dream by becoming a part of the Continuing Education department at MCAD showing the creators of tomorrow the ropes of comic book creation.