Michael Heggernes
Adjunct Faculty
BFA, College of Visual Arts

Michael Heggernes, an artist at heart, has spent his entire career working as a creative problem solver, designer, art director, creative director, and marketing strategist in the advertising arena.

Heggernes is known for his prolific brainstorming capacity, in addition to his ability to encourage clients and agency associates to take risks on the marketing frontier. His strengths include a contagious energy and enthusiasm for solving marketing and design challenges, and his business philosophy is to listen, learn, and leverage creative solutions that meet objectives, are on strategy, and get the attention of the target audience within the time and budget allowed.

Heggernes’s career journey has taken him to snowy mountain peaks, oceans, deserts, and the concrete jungles of Los Angeles and New York City working with top brands doing advertising campaigns in print, broadcast, and electronic mediums.

A former MCAD student, Heggernes is now sharing his wisdom as an adjunct faculty member.