Work by Katie Healey
Work by Katie Healey

Sophomore, Undecided
Online Portfolio

Briefly describe the pieces you submitted for merits.

I submitted a variety of work from my foundation classes, but most of my portfolio consisted of charcoal still lifes and figure drawings from Drawing I and II.

What does winning a Merit Scholarship mean for your education?

It definitely means validation that what I'm doing is being recognized. I've worked hard making each piece in my portfolio, so I think for that work to be acknowledged reminds me that this hard work pays off. It inspires me to continue working because this progress I've made has been appreciated. The money doesn't hurt, either.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I was very interested in MCAD's comics program. When I was in high school, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell had been a big inspiration to me. From the time that I had first discovered her stuff, to the art that she's producing now, shows the huge amount of progress that she's made from MCAD's comics program. I saw the progress I wanted to make in my own work, and it suddenly seemed within reach. But I think, in addition to being inspired by the work MCAD students were producing, what sealed the deal was MCAD's affordability.