Work by Mad Radtke
Work by Mad Radtke

Junior, Furniture Design
Dean Wilson Art of Making Merit Scholarship $2,000
Online Portfolio

Briefly describe the pieces you submitted for merits.

The works I submitted deal with personal politics in relationship to furniture, bridging the distance between queer and trans identities with comfort and stability. Specifically relating to the Want / / Need Cocoon Cot, Two - One Blanket, For Those I Loved, and (Dys)Comfort, my body and its relation to space, desire, and necessity come into the picture. I draw directly on my personal wants and needs as a queer trans person in both personal relationships as well as my relationships to material and object, searching for stability and security in textiles, colors, and structure. By using found objects and soft, easily accessible materials, the work as a whole focuses on touch and cohesive design as vital aspects to connect identity with material.

What does winning a Merit Scholarship mean for your education?

Winning a Merit Scholarship means the world to me and my education. It means that the hard work and constant practice I have put into making is paying off. Getting recognition for work about identity is incredibly meaningful to me and I am very fortunate to have received a scholarship for it. 

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I decided to come to MCAD for the immense resources that it has as well as the incredible community that comes with not only Minneapolis but also the school itself. I knew that coming here would mean that I have a safe and accepting setting where I can get the most out of my education and fully develop my artistic practice.