Colonial Journey by Nancy Julia Hicks
Colonial Journey by Nancy Julia Hicks

Senior, Print Paper Book
Dean Wilson Art of Making Senior Merit $4,000
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Briefly describe the pieces you submitted for merits.

I create paper and mixed media sculptures and prints that engage a history of violence—analyzing how the power structures inherent in white supremacy have embedded themselves in domestic, everyday objects and architectural embellishments. As a white person, I find it important to use my position of privilege to discuss the, still very tangible, history of violence that I—and the majority of the art world—benefit from. 

What does winning a Merit Scholarship mean for your education?

Holding scholarships at MCAD allows me more time to focus on my artwork. 

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I knew I wanted to go to a small college and I picked the school that gave me the most money to attend (in relation to the overall tuition). I got lucky, I really love MCAD. 

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