Detail of Guipure by Rachel Tesch
Detail of Guipure by Rachel Tesch

Senior, Graphic Design
Graphic Design Merit Scholarship $2,000
Online Portfolio

Briefly describe the pieces you submitted for merits.

My merit pieces included a wide variety of design including publications, posters, package design, motion graphics, and coding. This happened from wanting to be introduced to every part of graphic design that I can during my time at MCAD.

I submitted two hand-bound books from my Typography 2 class. The Guipure font specimen book was the first book I made at MCAD, and it was created to promote the typeface we made. I wanted it to be user friendly and fun to flip through so I included inserts, a wide range of paper stock, and a poster that consumers would get to keep. The Britishness book was created with the intent of learning typographic layouts in publications. This book was by far the piece I spent the most time on since I had not had experience with columns and systematic spread design before. The Beatles was a really fun subject to work with. I used a limited color palette since there were so many strong images of the Beatles. I also submitted two projects from my Graphic Design 2 class. The Academy Awards of 1967 record package was created using a narrative. On one side of the sleeve I included imagery of Frank Sinatra (the host that year) holding a dog and a circle cutout to the record sticker with a dog bone on it. When flipped there is an audience on the sleeve looking at an Oscar on the sticker. Making the metaphor of dogs and bones vs. celebrities and Oscars. The collage project and process book is a visual hierarchy study using typography, vector art, and raster art on their own as well as together. It ended up being a poster series in which you can see the same hierarchy through the wide range of visual elements. 

And of course I wanted to include digital work since I had so much fun making it. I submitted a motion graphic reel that consisted of two projects as well as a series of sketches and studies of process work I made in Narrative Design class. The first motion graphic piece was a movie title sequence for Little Robot and the second piece was a kinetic type video with several transitions and relationships through motion. The last piece I submitted was a website that I coded called Wordless Diagrams in Web and Screen. The project was made with the purpose of navigating an already made book in a new way for the web. I chose the same color palette that the real book had and used shapes and forms that were used in diagram illustrations as part of the design system for the website. 

What does winning a Merit Scholarship mean for your education?

Winning a Merit Scholarship means so much to me. I knew nothing about graphic design before starting here and winning a scholarship for all of the hard work and long hours that I spent creating projects makes me want to continue to push myself.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

MCAD gives off a welcoming vibe and you can sense how much is being learned here. The professors and opportunities presented at MCAD are so great. I love being in Minneapolis because it is such a creativity filled city. 

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