Ellen, Abigail, and Liz attend Experience MCAD Day
Ellen, Abigail, and Liz attend Experience MCAD Day

Want to get a feel for what an MCAD education is like? Attend an Experience MCAD Day.

Experience MCAD Day is a reoccurring event that gives prospective students a chance to see what MCAD is all about. The day is planned in a way that gives visitors a taste of life at an art and design school, as well as a chance to ask and get answers to their questions.

At our most recent event on Saturday, November 15, the day began with visitors walking around to different tables where student representatives from various MCAD departments eagerly shared information and personal stories about life at MCAD. These friendly representatives ranged from first-year students to seniors, so visitors were able to get a wide range of insight.

Also present were representatives of the school’s many resources, including the Learning Center, financial aid, and careers and internships. These tables were manned by both staff and current students. Prospective students and their guests were encouraged to visit whichever tables caught their interest and to ask plenty of questions.

Carla Rodriguez, Admissions Counselor

Rodriguez said Experience MCAD Day is “really nice because you get to not only tour the campus, but you also get to meet current students and faculty. Visitors get a better feel for the school through this event.”

Other activities were planned to give a more detailed explanation of the school and all it has to offer. Speakers, including students and faculty, gave presentations and recounted their experiences at MCAD. The day also included a tour of the school so visitors could see our many facilities, such as the brand-new M/LAB.


Ellen, Abigail, and Liz, Event Participants

When I asked these ladies what they thought of the event and whether they had applied to MCAD yet, I was met with very positive responses:

Ellen: “This event is great! I’ll be submitting all my application materials this week!”

Abigail: "I submitted my application three days ago! I love anything MCAD, and I follow MCAD’s Tumblr. I came in from Pittsburg for this!"

Liz: "I submitted my application today! I’ve been to four Experience MCAD Days and they get better each year.”

The goal of Experience MCAD Day, in addition to many of our other admissions events, is to provide a comfortable and informative experience for those interested in becoming part of the MCAD community. Keep your eye out for upcoming admissions events!