First-year student Ryan Werbalowsky
First-year student Ryan Werbalowsky

First-year student Ryan Werbalowsky discusses his inspirations and adjusting back to life in Minneapolis.

Why did you choose MCAD?

I chose MCAD because I like Minnesota better. I visited for a tour in October and it really caught my eye. There’s a lot of great resources here that I wasn’t getting in California.

Was it hard moving to Minneapolis?

My parents live here and I was raised here. It wasn’t hard for me at all, but I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer. I get a lot of inspiration from being outdoors.

Ryan Werbalowsky, Chess on Venus

Did you know what you wanted to major in before applying?

When I came for National Portfolio Day I showed a lot of my drawings. I’m interested in concept art. I’m mainly focusing on work that would be in science-fiction movies and any sort of movie that wants fictitious objects and scenery. That would ultimately be my dream job. I haven’t declared my major yet, but with the art that I’m creating, I am leaning towards illustration.

When you think of illustrations do you start digitally or with a pen and paper?

At the moment, I start with pencil and paper, then add in color. I’m considering doing some of my work digitally because there are a few pieces on my list that involve a lot of complex mathematics.

I feel like everybody has their own world and their own imagination, I’ve been creating different things and drawing things from my imagination and it’s really satisfying to see what I imagined in my head on paper.


Ryan Werbalowsky, Datsungator

Are you adjusting well to life at MCAD?

I’m enjoying it. It took a while, but I’ve finally established a great group of friends. Of course that’s always hard at first when you’re new. It’s great when you finally get that feeling of acceptance.

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