Last Saturday morning, MCAD opened its doors to host a special event for students admitted to the class of 2021.

The main gallery was filled with a crowd of faculty, current students, admitted students, and families getting a glance at what might become their future. Staff from MCAD Admissions greeted guests at the front door, while President Jay Coogan introduced himself with his usual affability. Everyone enjoyed coffee and a hearty breakfast of Glam Doll Donuts (Because nothing says MCAD life more than Glam Doll Donuts) before heading to Auditorium 150 for a presentation. 

Admitted Student Day

Admissions Office staff greeting visitors by the front door.

In the auditorium, President Coogan addressed the prospective students. He talked about the range of utilities and services they’ll find at MCAD, and more importantly, the challenges and triumphs they might face. Following that, MCAD alum Veda Bankar gave a presentation about her time as a student. She talked about her experience as a graphic design major, teaching artist minor, and her art career in general.

“Its alright if you don’t know what you’re doing right now,” Veda told the admitted students. “Embrace the craziness, the chaos, the not knowing, because that’s how you learn.” Veda didn’t hesitate in embracing the chaos during her presentation either. She gave everyone in the room her number, and people got to text her questions to answer during the presentation.

Veda Bankar

Veda’s diagram of what being an MCAD student is really like.

After Veda’s presentation, attendees scattered into different groups. In Auditorium 150, a group of four current students introduced themselves to the remaining crowd who stayed for a Q&A. There was a range of questions and concerns, covering everything from financial needs, to housing, to the struggles of freshman year and how to work your way through them. The panel, which consisted of students Sorie Kim, Camila Prada, Nicholas Todd, and Emily Allen, offered the insight of their inside perspective to those questions.

Admitted Student Day

Q&A with MCAD’s current students.

Meanwhile, most of the parents headed to the College Center where MCAD Director of Financial Aid Laura Link answered their questions about financial aid, living costs, and other things. Other groups went with faculty members to get a feel for the classroom experience; Rik Sferra gave an advanced portrait demo in the gray studio, Craig Rice gave a lecture about film, Brad Jirka along with additional 3D staff hosted a 3D workshop, and Bly Pope and Bob Algeo held drawing and comic jam workshops respectively.

Rik Sferra

Rik Sferra's portrait photography demo.

Craig Rice

Craig Rice's film lecture.

At noon, we all had a delicious lunch of pasta and other treats (shoutout to Dave and the MCAD Bistro staff!). Everyone relaxed on the long tables stacked across the college center before ending the day with group tours around campus.

Admitted Student Day

Lunch catered by the MCAD Bistro.

It was a busy, eventful morning, and a fruitful one as well. Deciding what college to go to is one of the most life-changing, nerve-racking decisions we make as students. Hopefully, MCAD’s Admitted Student Day helped admitted students steer the path of their fate. Maybe one of those students will be in Veda’s spot in a few years, giving the alumni speech to a new batch of accepted students. Others will set sail on a whole different direction. Either way, it’s a significant choice, and the event is MCAD’s collective effort in helping students make that decision every year.