This is me! Walking around on the "pavement."

In this blog series, BFA student Kassi Ferry shares an authentic look at her study abroad experience in Brighton, England, during the Spring 2017 semester.

1. Words

We speak the same language in England and America, but there are some very noticeable differences. My favorites so far?

  • Our fries are their "chips" and our chips are their "crisps"
  • You don't stand in a line, you "queue"
  • The "pavement" means the sidewalk, not the road
  • People are always running to catch the "tube," rather than the subway 
  • What we call an elevator, they call the "lift" 

Elf Elevator

2. Drinking Age

Kids can start drinking/purchasing alcohol at eighteen in England. And they can start drinking beer at age sixteen.

Doggy Beer

3. College

Well apart from not being called college (it's called "Uni" here), school is a lot more lax in England and classes are set up differently because classes are shorter and sometimes happen sporadically throughout the semester, no homework is due until the end of the semester at hand-in (at least this is true for art school), and the credits are different! So I'm taking the equivalent of fifteen credits back home, yet I'm only in two classes and some studio time. 

4. Night Life

Now I'm not sure what the night life is actually like back home, as I'm not twenty-one yet, but here it's completely normal to go out every single evening! People usually eat dinner, start drinking by 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., and then head to the club by midnight. I'm not much of a partier so I usually only go out Fridays and sometimes Tuesdays. The dress is very casual in Brighton, so you'll be let in wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. However, in London, you need to abide by their dress codes to be let in.

Fancy dress

5. Travel

Traveling is so much easier here and completely common! For “Easter break” (aka spring break) everyone goes somewhere, even if they only go home (there are a lot of students at Brighon who are not from England). My friends Megan and Ashley went to New Zealand, Daniel went home because he already went on a trip to China a few weeks ago, Thad and Skylar bought train tickets and are traveling around Europe, and I'm going to Italy! And again, that's just for Easter break—I've already traveled to Berlin, Barcelona, and London (several times now). I'm also planning a trip to France next month, and I'm hoping to make it to Amsterdam as well. Schools actually enourage traveling, so if you miss a studio day because you were on a trip, that is completely fine as long as you let someone know. Traveling is also really cheap here, tickets can be bought for about £40 and hostels can be as cheap as £10/night.



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