Brighton, England
Brighton, England

Week One

My first week of college has flown by very quickly, and it wasn't even a full week!

On our first day at Brighton University (here they just call it “Uni”), we met with our course leaders, took a tour of campus, grabbed some lunch, and went to a lecture. The lecturer was animator Jack Sachs, who has done animation work for Spotify, MTV, and the fourth episode of the web series Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. Jack was a really cool guy, and he even hung around afterwards to talk to students and look at their work.

On day two, we finalized our course modules. I signed up for the Letterpress module, but the neat thing about Brighton is that we can use studios outside our area of study after a brief introduction; I look forward to being able to use the screenprinting studio, bookbinding studio, and photography dark room. Thad, Skylar, and I are all also in the same course on Tuesday, which is nice. 

The graphic design course director, Gavin Ambrose, explained what would be expected of me this semester. There are several projects throughout the semester that we are expected to document along the way and present in a semester book at the end of the course. The semester book consists of documentation, experimentation (we need at least ten experiments for every brief), and final outcomes. I’m super excited to see other students’ work. However, I am also nervous about what this semester entails. We will have critiques the same day as we get briefings for our next project, while constantly documenting everything at the same time. It sounds stressful but I guess I will see how it goes! So far I’ve enjoyed how the classes are set up. I have Letterpress every other Monday, Collaboration class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays are open, and Thursdays and Fridays are studio days. We have a lot of free time to work on projects, which is awesome. 


Week Two

At the beginning of the second week we had our book arts studio introduction. We can now use the studio to make cut-and-fold booklets (poster books), single-section bound books, simple Japanese stab bound books, French link stitch books, multiple-section sewing books, and accordion books. I have already made my first notebook, accordion book, and two Japanese-bound books. I turned one of the Japanese-bound books into a flip-book for my Kinetic Type project.

We also went to a lecture by Emmi Salonen, a graphic designer and owner of her own studio. She has worked with companies in the realms of retail, commerce, culture, art, academia, and policy making, and she has even designed the inside of a children’s and young adults’ ward at a local hospital.

Thursday was our first actual studio day. We arrived at 10:00 a.m. sharp for critiques of our Kinetic Type projects and a briefing of our manifesto project. I was super nervous about our first crit here at Brighton! I didn’t know what to expect. The afternoon consisted of several workshops for us to learn more about manifestos.


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