MCAD Art Sale Purchase
MCAD Art Sale Purchase

Last weekend, MCAD opened its doors for the 18th Annual MCAD Art Sale.

As a first-year student, attending my first MCAD Art Sale was a blast. It was so fun to see the building absolutely covered with works of all colors, shapes, sized, mediums—you name it—and buzzing with the energy of MCADians and the larger art-loving community.

On Friday night, I walked around asking attendees what was grabbing their attention and why. I was blown away by the awesome work and great reasons people had for making their selections. Read on to find out what people had to say about this year's selection of works!

Video by Ryan Bloomingdale


“I don’t like really wacky things. I like the simplicity of it this bamboo piece. I like it cause it gives me more of a feel of the Orient. It’s simple but elegant.”


“He’s a murderer from the 1950s and I know who he is, which drew me to the piece and the overall look of it.”


“I love the colors! I like bold artwork and wind-up toys. I mostly like the dynamic look of it with the black background, plus it has a great price.”


“I work a lot. So it's just a reminder for me to get to work so that's really the whole deal. But I want to add an 'I' to it so it says 'I get to work.' I’m going to bring it to the office and put it on the door."


“I like street art and the tension between the adorable panda and the sorta S&M bondage sorta thing. I like the negative space around it too."


“It looks like my cat.”


“I like the tone of the colors and that it’s modern. I really like modern, kinda abstract work, and the texture of the matte and the shine of the piece along with the fluid shape.”

“It speaks to me. I like the colors and the finish to it. I have a perfect spot for it at our lake. It will work perfectly!”


“The face kinda jumps at you first and then as you look more closely there's just a lot more faces and figures. Overall really great!”


Future MCAD artist? This young man was too nervous to talk but was proud of his findings!

Dad: “I think he likes the textures.”

Do you want to be an artist when you’re older? Maybe make some art at MCAD?

Child: “Mm-hmm”

Dad: “He loves glass blowing, knitting, and origami.”


“It (left piece) reminds us of our son because he's always tinkering with building. He loves the building and construction especially building with Legos in his own world.”

“I love simplicity.”

Is this your first time at the MCAD Art Sale?

“We come every year! It’s our favorite event of the year!”


“We loved this one piece that we got by an artist last year and this year we found another one by her (left piece). We have room so we want to get it.”

“I like things on white backgrounds a lot and the color.”


“I’m looking for Christmas gifts! I have a friend that likes comics, and I have a friend that loves bunnies, plus this one is a throwback and one of my relatives used to do advertising in the 70s and it totally looks like this (right piece), so I thought of her when I saw this."


“We both like cows. It’s beautifully done overall!”


President Jay Coogan!

“I picked this one (left piece) because I’m going to give it to my son, Adam, who’s a fourth-year PHD candidate in physics and so he's very involved with this part of the universe. This (right piece) is for our daughter Eliza who's out in California. She just moved into an apartment out there and is working at Google.”


“I thought these were beautiful to put records in. I really only need one but I’m going to put fabric in the other two.”


“I got this one because it reminds me of my favorite restaurant called  Big Rooster in Tracy, Minnesota. Fun fact: the town has the world’s only Box Car Days event, which is celebrated every Labor Day weekend.”


“We love this! Well, we are more traditional in our art. It's lovely, sharp, and clean. We love the colors. We also love birds. This particular artist, Teagan White, has a number of pieces here tonight that caught our eyes. It's an original piece so that’s a big selling point. It's going to go in our bathroom.”

Any advice for future attendees?

“If you see a piece that you like then you should grab it.”



Through the sale, not only did students make some Black Friday spending money by selling their work and by working during the event, but MCAD also received scholarship funds that will help students continue their education and creativity.

I’m proud to be a part of such an inspiring, artistic community! I would definitely say MCAD wowed the Twin Cities community (and beyond) with, once again, a successful art sale! Next year's sale is slotted for November 17 to 19, 2016. Hope to see you there!