Work Created in Editing and Post Production

This class provides a comprehensive overview on the post production process for moving-image work, including film, video, and animation. Each step of the post process is examined—including planning productions with the edit in mind, file management, logging and ingestion, rough- and fine-cut editing, color correction and grading, integrating audio and visual effects, and mastering and output of the finished work. Students develop an understanding of pacing, montage, rhythm, and two- and three-dimensional continuity of the cut, as well as specific techniques to solve difficult post production issues. This class examines the technical and theoretical considerations of editing and post production for a wide variety of genres such as narrative, experimental, documentary, commercial, and industrial, and it provides students with the skills to apply them to their own work. Class instruction includes screenings, group and individual projects, visiting professionals, critiques, and readings on the theories of prominent editors, filmmakers, and theorists, both historical and modern.