Once successfully enrolled, MCAD students have the opportunity to compete for Merit Scholarships. More than fifty scholarships are awarded every year to undergraduate and graduate students. These awards are added to students’ existing financial-aid packages for the next academic year.

Featured winners of spring 2013

Elizabeth Ann Glein / Junior, Comic Art

Comic Merit Scholarship—$2,000

After hearing that MCAD offered a comic art major, I was immediately interested. And once I got to tour the campus, I fell in love with the program. This has honestly been the best choice I've ever made. Winning this merit gives so much hope for myself and for those who have supported me thus far in my choice in attending MCAD. Most of all, it gives me more confidence in my work and motivates me to work that much harder to show how much I can do with the knowledge and experience I've gained over the last three years.

Leah Zobott / Junior, Illustration

Illustration Merit Scholarship—$2,000

The pieces I submitted for merits were the ones I was most proud of and thought best demonstrated my growth and development during my time at MCAD. Winning a merit scholarship means many things for my education—it’s very rewarding financially and emotionally! I'm very thankful to receive this scholarship, and I feel humbled and more motivated to keep working hard and to create even more.

Wesley Partch / Senior, Graphic Design

Graphic Design Merit Scholarship—$2000

I had the impression that MCAD would be a perfect place to hone in on my voice as an artist. Since attending, I’ve been greatly impressed by the quality of the faculty and have appreciated all the helpful conversations I’ve had with them. Winning a merit award means that I’m on a promising path and that I will have access to a wider variety of materials for future explorations.

Yazon Lo / Junior, Advertising

Advertising Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I decided to attend MCAD because I enjoyed the varied majors available and the fact that they offered a business major with a design-oriented background. Winning a merit scholarship means that I don't have to worry about money for the semester.

Leigh Luna / Sophomore, Comic Art

Roy B. Justus Comic Art Scholarship—$2,000

I decided to come to MCAD because out of all the schools that offer a comic art major, it was by far the best. I also really liked the fact that I could take as many illustration and graphic design classes as comic classes. Winning a merit for me is awesome because it means a little bit less stress financially for me next year. It also reassures me that all of those sleepless nights spent working paid off.

Lia Harmon / Freshman, Entrepreneurial Studies

MCAD Entrepreneurial Studies Merit Scholarship

My mom was an immigrant from Liberia and died of breast cancer when I was eight years old. Growing up, she would always talk about helping me choose colleges. She valued the educational opportunity I had growing up in America, but unfortunately she could not be here with me as I am finally able to attend MCAD. As a first generation student, this merit scholarship is proof of my growth as a student, and an honor of both my parents’ struggles. I am more than thankful for the opportunity.

Antonio Morales / Junior, Graphic Design

R. Thomas and Gaylord Benson Merit Scholarship—$3,000

As soon as I entered the MCAD campus, I felt a sense of belonging that I hadn’t experienced before in any other scholarly environment. It has been a wonderful experience being surrounded by such spectacularly talented people with incredible passion for what they love. Within the three years of my college education, I have created work that I would never have imagined I’d be fortunate enough to make. I’m finally proud of my work. It has been such an honor to receive this scholarship, and it has pushed me to work even harder. I can enter my senior year feeling more confident and more exhilarated than ever before.

Jared Tuttle / Junior, Illustration

Senior Design Merit Scholarship—$6,000

I decided to come to MCAD because it is among the top design schools in the country. Winning a merit scholarship means the world to me. I’ve been working extremely hard on my illustrations, and striving to become the best artist I can be.

Anthony Konigbagbe / Senior, Entrepreneurial Studies

Senior Entrepreneurial Studies and Advertising Merit Scholarship—$6,000

As a senior, winning a merit scholarship represents the feats in my pursuit of a bachelor of science degree. It means I can further the complexity and customization of my remaining curriculum with less financial constraints.

Magdalena Cortes / Junior, Advertising

Advertising Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Winning a merit scholarship means so much! It’s a great stress reliever, and it means I can focus on my studies more than making money outside of school.

Allison Western / Sophomore, Web and Multimedia Environments

MCAD Web + Multimedia Merit Scholarship—$4,000

I submitted a video installation of a dance performance I did called Information. In this video, I was commenting on the relationship we have with screens, using my own body as a screen throughout the piece. I was exploring a relationship between the physical and digital realms by bringing them together. The projections I chose were about my own interactions with social media, such as Facebook. I aim to continue doing performance pieces in which I can become someone I’m not. I like that because it gives focus to the comment I'm trying to convey, rather than focusing on myself.

Joshua Olson / Sophomore, Photography

West Photo Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Put very simply, winning a merit scholarship serves as both a sign and a means to continue my education at MCAD.

Joseph Loeffler / Junior, Photography

West Photo Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Receiving a merit scholarship gives me confidence and more financial freedom to make work.

Brennan Gasser / Junior, Furniture Design

MCAD Furniture Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Winning this scholarship motivates me to continue applying for grants and scholarships to improve my presence as an artist. In my show, I focused on creating a psychologically emotive space. Each of the isolated arrangements of furniture, painting, and design spoke singularly about a feeling and communicated this as a group.

Hanan Rddad / Junior, Drawing and Painting

Patricia B Saunders Merit Scholarship—$3,000

I came to MCAD because I loved the painting facilities and the library. I’m also interested in current and past faculty work. I very much appreciate winning this scholarship so that I can focus on developing and honing my practice and not worry as much about not being able to afford tuition for the next school year.

Kara Faye Gregory / Senior, Print Paper Book

MCAD Print Paper Book Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I decided to come to MCAD because of the impressive facilities offered here, and the opportunities through the study abroad programs were very attractive to me. Winning a merit scholarship has encouraged me in my professional practice as an artist, and it has also provided me with the necessary funds to continue my education in the upcoming year, as I was recently accepted to a summer fellowship interning for a gallery in Germany.

Madison Elyse Rubenstein / Senior, Drawing and Painting

Patricia Kennedy Crump Merit Scholarship

Winning a merit scholarship not only relieves some of the financial burden on myself and my family, but also helps validate my decision to go back to college and follow my artistic passions.

Gretchen Booth / Senior, Furniture Design

Kinji Akagawa Merit Scholarship —$1,750

Receiving this scholarship is an honor for me. In the past year, my work has transitioned from the furniture program into a much more conceptual, cross-disciplinary practice. I’m very thankful that this unique award is offered. It is so nice to have the support of the faculty, who encourage my exploration and do not constrain my work to fit the mold of my major. This generous scholarship will lighten the load for my senior year and allow me to focus more of my time and energy in the studio.

Christopher David Gasser / Junior, Fine Arts Studio

MCAD Fine Art Studio Merit Scholarship—$2000

I came to MCAD because I've always wanted a job I'm passionate about. It made sense to come to a school that has a rigorous curriculum and a forward-thinking sensibility in both art and design. This scholarship has reinvigorated me, allowing me to focus on the career path I've chosen and pursue it even more confidently.

Rosemary Valero-O'Connell / Freshman

MCAD Foundation Studies Merit Scholarship—$2000

Winning a merit scholarship takes quite a bit of stress off of my shoulders. Not having to worry as much about finances will allow me to focus much more on my education and my work. I'm also grateful because receiving this scholarship is an incredible honor, and a weapon against self-doubt.

Allison Bolah / Graduate Student, Photography

MCAD MFA Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Compared to the other programs I considered, the dual nature of the MFA program at MCAD really worked for me. The structure of the program’s requirements (theory courses, the mid-program review, a substantial written thesis) and the flexibility of mentoring ensure that I have everything I need to develop my practice. The merit scholarship provides additional support in an already superlatively supportive environment! Winning it validates my efforts and gives me access to more/better materials for my practice.

Sara Suppan / Freshman, Drawing and Painting

Foundation Studies Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I wanted to find a niche in the wonderful Minneapolis arts scene and to study in the city that I love so much. When I visited MCAD, I really responded to the energy of the community here and the openness of the staff. Winning this merit scholarship means very much to me because every little bit counts.

Adam Hamilton / Graduate Student

MFA Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Everything pointed to this school as the best option for my future, and I’ve found the experience of interacting with faculty members pleasant and helpful. Winning the merit scholarship will ease some of the pressure of financing my education. It also gives me a certain amount of confidence with the work I make, helping me to know that I’m on the right track as I move forward with my studio practice.

Nich Thomas / Junior, Photography

Senior Media Arts Merit Scholarship—$6,000

I came to MCAD to explore my creative process, and because I wanted to continue to learn and be surrounded by other growing artists. Winning a merit scholarship means that I can continue to do what I love with a lot less stress.

Sarah Evenson / Freshman, Undeclared

Foundation Studies Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I decided to come to MCAD because it is the sweet spot of affordability, location, and quality. I love it here! Winning the merit scholarship was significant for me for two reasons: First, this scholarship makes it financially feasible for me to return to MCAD next year. Second, I feel that it gave me much needed encouragement and boosted my confidence in regard to my own art-making process, proving to me that I really do want to pursue the arts.

sEason / Junior, Graphic Design

Graphic Design Merit Scholarship—$2,000

Colin Corrado / Junior, Furniture Design

Furniture Design Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I came to MCAD because it allows furniture designers to gain a broad knowledge in practical building methods, as well as learn about the theory and design used in modern production. MCAD's name is well known in the Twin Cities, and as a long-term resident of Minneapolis, I wanted to take advantage of that. Winning a merit scholarship was amazingly validating. I put all my time, effort, thought, and passion into my work, and knowing that it pays off in the end is encouraging.

Mel Nguyen / Junior, Fine Arts Studio

Fine Arts Studio Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I presented work that shows the ways that I've evolved over the years at MCAD and how my sculpture strikes both friction with and accordance to design.

Wyatt Lasky / Senior, Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting Merit Scholarship—$2,000

I wanted to go to a school that would give me enough freedom to explore art the way I wanted to, and MCAD seemed to place equal importance on a structured curriculum and the development of an independent studio practice. Winning this merit scholarship means I have more money to make art—simple as that.

Nicholas Carroll / Senior, Fine Arts Studio

MCAD Senior Fine Art Merit Scholarship—$6,000

Winning this merit scholarship means the world to me. There are so many talented, amazing individuals at MCAD, and it is such an honor to have my work recognized like this. The monetary aspect of the scholarship really helps me out, as money has always been an issue in college. But even more, the validation has instilled in me a strong sense of confidence. Out of all of the awards that I have received during my eight years in college, this one means the most to me.

Dawson Walker / Junior, Comic Art

MCAD Senior Design Merit Scholarship—$6,000

It's such a powerful thing to have your work be acknowledged and supported in this way and to feel like the direction that you're heading in is the right one. What drew me to MCAD was the comic art program, but the reason I decided to apply was because the school felt compact—a concentrated source of creativity energy.

Kay Rossbach / Junior, Web and Multimedia Environments

Senior Media Arts Merit Scholarship—$6,000

Winning this merit scholarship means that I have fewer loans to take out, and it gives me a bit of freedom financially. I submitted two interactive applications: The main piece, Stars, created its own constellations and allowed users to interact with it and create a spider-webbing effect on the screen. The second piece, Trees, grew a new tree wherever users clicked the mouse, allowing them to create a digital forest.