The Trade by Matthew T. Burns
The Trade by Matthew T. Burns

In his latest feature film, Matthew T. Burns ’05 takes on his toughest opponent yet—himself. 

The Trade shows everything that happens during the rise of an independent wrestler, from creating their own character to dealing with fan obsession and the thirst for genuine violence. Burns's film is an exploration of his past career as 'Sick' Nick Mondo, the hard-core world famous deathmatch wrestler. Ten years after his retirement, the wrestling legend is distressed to find a younger generation mimicking his self-destructive behavior. The Trade is an introspective look at the reasons why he chose deathmatch wrestling. 

The Producers' Club will be hosting a private screening of the film on June 20 in anticipation of the worldwide release.

The Trade Private Screening
June 20, 6:15 p.m.
The Producers' Club

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