One of Alwin's recent sculpture's
One of Alwin's recent sculpture's

Kolman & Pryor Gallery is presenting its first sculpture exhibition, Beyond the Canvas, featuring new sculptural work by Kate Casanova ’08, Jodi Reeb ’95, Jim Dryden ’96, and faculty member Betsy Alwin.

Casanova’s small sculptures extend her art-making process, which has largely focused on biomorphic installations, by juxtaposing man-made and natural materials to create curious fragments that evoke landscape, organisms, and human detritus.

Reeb describes her new 3D work as “seed shapes that oscillate between drawing and sculpture . . . abstracted pods that are three-dimensional drawings.” 

Dryden describes his new sculptures, which are constructed of interlocking shapes, as totems or sentinels. “I’m exploring the relationships between painting and sculpture,” he says, “as my sculpture is inspired by my paintings and my paintings are inspired by the sculptures.”

Beyond the Canvas
September 16–October 28
Kolman & Pryor Gallery
Reception: Saturday, September 23, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

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