Shallow Pool by James Casebere
Shallow Pool by James Casebere

The latest photographs by James Casebere ’76 have a unique, haunting quality that one might not expect from architecture photography. His work features clean spaces without any people (or any living things, for that matter); there is no hint of life in these places created for human inhabitation.

Casebere has done a similar series in the past, portraying incredibly sterile prison cells. For living on a planet full of people, he has a quality of making his spaces not only appear empty but as though no one is coming.

"The photographs ultimately are melancholy with a tinge of the unnatural. Divorced from the life of the architect, the oeuvre of Casebere, and even the architectural space of Sean Kelly gallery, the works might read differently." –Seph Rodney, Hyperallergic

Casabere's photographs will be on display at the Sean Kelly gallery through March 11.

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