Pollinator Sky-Rise
Pollinator Sky-Rise

Christine Baeumler (creator of MCAD's rooftop bog), Amanda Lovelee ’10, MFA, and Julie Benda ’16, MFA, are the team of artists behind the newest bee-dwellings in St. Paul.

This pollinator "sky-rise" is a collaboration between Public Art Saint Paul and the Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota. Through this piece, researchers hope to discover what kind of man-made housing will attract, protect, and nurture pollinators at a time when natural habitat is disappearing. There are bins of free flower seeds surrounding the house to sustain a natural habitat. 

The success of the bee house was immediately apparent—shortly after it was assembled, a handful of bees from a local Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project stopped by to check out their new house. The project is expected to last for three years and a plan for erecting another house is already underway.

“This is a great big beautiful sculpture that can draw people in and get them to pay attention in ways they might not have otherwise before.” —Lovelee

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