Work by Sherry Muyuan He
Work by Sherry Muyuan He

MFA student Sherry Muyuan He recently took a trip to Tokyo where she learned how to make handmade stencil designs and the art of origami. This incredible experience resulted in her latest solo exhibition at the Soo Visual Arts Center.

This is Why I Wake Up in the Morning features breakfast-themed paper crafts by Muyuan He that explore what she learned in Tokyo. She is very drawn to the concept of learning and shared knowledge and hopes to take what she learned and pay it forward through workshops she will facilitate throughout the exhibition. The workshops will teach different bookbinding techniques through the creation of breakfast-themed books inspired by the exhibition.

This is Why I Wake Up in the Morning
April 14–May 20
Opening reception: April 14, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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