Patrick Redmond leads initiative to recount past presidents and chairmen of AIGA Minnesota

On the AIGA Minnesota website Patrick Redmond ‘72 led an initiative to provide a list of all past presidents and chairmen of AIGA Minnesota including past presidents from when the chapter was known as MGDA, the Minnesota Graphic Designers Association.As a result, and as a result of the interest and involvement of others inAIGA Minnesota,the organization's website now includes a list of its past presidents and chairmen on the main menu. The current list, with respective term years, is the result of consolidating earlier lists compiled by other individuals as well as Patrick's own independent efforts. This is the first time that the AIGA Minnesota website has listed the past presidents and chairmen as a menu item. To Patrick, and others, the list had seemed conspicuous by its absence.

Following the terms of Tim Larsen, Jim Johnson, and Peter Seitz, when AIGA Minnesota was known as MGDA, Patrick was the fourth person to lead the organization. With some 1,300 members AIGA Minnesota has become one of the largest chapters of AIGA.
The list is in a very preliminary, working version. It’s  a work in progress. When the list is more refined, links to biographical career information for all chairmen and presidents will be included—similar to preliminary examples provided—ideally based on links provided by respective presidents and chairmen. For further information, contact Brent, the current Director of Communications at AIGA Minnesota.

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