From the Photo Series #BeingBlackandMuslim by Bobby Rogers
From the Photo Series #BeingBlackandMuslim by Bobby Rogers

Inspired by a Twitter conversation initiated in 2014 by the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, Bobby Rogers ’14 has unveiled a new portrait series exploring what it's like to be both Black and Muslim in the United States and exposing the challenges many people face at the intersection of two marginalized identities.

In a series of tweets, Rogers explained that the series named after the hashtag aims to "put a face to the voices of some of the most resilient human-beings in the world."

The project has been picked up and commended by major news organizations including the Huffington Post, Mic, Hello Beautiful, We the Urban, and TC Dailly Planet, in addition to being featured on the homepage of Buzzfeed and garnering plenty of attention on Twitter.

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