Don't Touch My Crown by Bobby Rogers
Don't Touch My Crown by Bobby Rogers

Bobby Rogers ’14 is gaining national attention for his photographs that celebrate blackness.

One notable piece, entitled Origin, depicts Mitochondrial Eve, the most recent common matrilineal ancestor of all living humans. The black woman wears a hijab, gold chains covering her face, and has eyes white like diamonds. This image is inspired by the theory that Eve was East African.

Origin is just one of many captivating photographs that have gotten attention. Rogers received critical acclaim from ElleRefinery29, and Buzzfeed News for the Don't Touch My Crown series, which celebrates black hair, and #beingblackandmuslim, a project that provides visibility and a voice for those who face the daily challenge of being a double minority.

Rogers has always been interested in documenting marginalized communities. Although he doesn’t consider his work overtly political, he is interested in taking on topics such as xenophobia and anti-blackness.

“I don’t want to display negativity happening to these people. I want to show beauty and positivity; to humanize different groups of people that I identify with. These are people with emotions, and with compassion.” —Rogers

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