Congrats to all the McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations are in order for David Bowen, Sam Gould, Alexa Horochowski, Michael Hoyt ’94, Alison Malone ’92, Lamar Peterson, Joe Smith, and Tetsuya Yamada: these eight talented artists are each 2014 McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship recipients.

Berliner 137, 2013, by Gregory Ganeles

Gregory Ganeles ’10 and Greg Graham currently have their work featured in the exhibition Ganeles and Graham at the Groveland Gallery.

Street art in Dallas by Faile, captured by Google Street View technology

We can't be alone in our excitement about Google's soon-to-be-launched Street Art Project, an online gallery of the world's amazing variety of street art. Google has steadily been capturing many of these images with "Google Street View technology."

Fun-House is one day only, so don't miss it!

Faculty member Gudrun Lock is teaching a summer intensive called Collaborative Processes in which students have created works responding to the environment in a Northeast Arts District building. The public is invited to see and experience the works during a one-day-only event. We don't have all the details, but judging by the title this is sure to be a "fun" time.

OMG Transit is an app that helps navigate transportation in Minneapolis

The Minnesota Cup announced today that it has advanced seventy teams of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators to the second round of the 2014 competition.

White Lotus by Cy DeCosse

Cy DeCosse ’52 currently has work on display at the VERVE Gallery of Photography.

His exhibition features work experimenting with platinum printing and the gum dichromate technique, which allows him to capture flowers and vegetation in a way that is enchantingly beautiful.

Barry Newman, left, speaks to MinnPost about being a Minneapolis sign painter

Minneapolis sign painters Barry Newman ’99 and Forest Wozniak are featured on MinnPost. 

ICONS: Film. Fashion. Rock N' Roll.

Cult Collective, an emerging cultural curating events team, is producing ICONS: Film. Fashion. Rock N' Roll.

Roman Verostko is the pioneer of algorithmic art

Long before most people had even heard of algorithms, Roman Verostko was writing them to program drawing machines.

The soul of Matthew McConnaughey, reaped by Molly Gates

Molly Gates ’14 was featured yesterday in a Mashable story (that was later picked up by MTV) about some rather unique products she sells on Etsy: human souls, or more specifically, celebrity souls.

Amarinthine by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

Dawson Walker ’14, Anna Bongiovanni ’09, and current students Leigh Luna, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, and Jack Gross are featured on Comics Beat.

A 2014 Artist Fellow working on his sculpture in progress

Faculty member Donald Myhre  has received a Franconia Sculpture Park/Jerome Artist Fellowship. Myhre will create new three-dimensional art on site for the park's 2014/15 public exhibition.

Red Moon Rising by Zach Collins and Kacper H. Kieć

Join Zach Collins ’14, MFA, and Aaron Beebes this Friday for a book signing of their latest publication, Recycled Trophies.

Pre-Order Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White

Adventures with Barefoot Critters by illustrator Teagan White ’12 is featured on Amazon as one of "the best picture books of June."

Taxidermy Art by alum Robert Marbury is available for pre-order on Amazon

Robert Marbury ’04 is set to release a book entitled Taxidermy Art: A Rogue's Guide to the Work, the Culture, and How to Do It Yourself, illustrated by Teagan White ’12.

Autumn Frozen Motion by James Burpee

Minnesota painter and former faculty member James Burpee's paintings are featured in his latest exhibition, In a New Light. He has been an instructor at the college level since 1960, teaching at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design through 1996. 

Minnesota State Fair's 2014 Commemorative Art by Emily L. Taylor

The Minnesota State Fair's 2014 Commemorative Art was unveiled on Wednesday by none other than artist and MCAD alum Emily L. Taylor. The artwork will be on display at the Fine Arts Center for the duration of the fair.

Golden Spiral Miral at the Pedro Park Urban Flower Field

Faculty member Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA and his studio mate, Jeremy Szopinski, created the Golden Spiral Mural, which was commissioned by Public Arts St. Paul to complement the field of sunflowers planted in the Pedro Park Urban Flower Field.

June marks the one-year anniversary of OMG Transit

OMG Transit, a mobile tool that helps residents of Minneapolis navigate a number of transportation options, is celebrating its one-year anniversary and the official launch of its mobile apps during the month of June.

Andrew Shannon and Jane Vardeman, owners of Benchpressed

Alumni Andrew Shannon and Jane Vardeman started their card company, Bench Pressed, in 2011 out of their apartment after buying a tabletop press from an old print shop. 

Jasio Stefanski, photograph by Savanna Ruedy

Faculty member Jasio Stefanski ’13, MFA, has been interviewed by local fashion blog MPLSTYLE in the article "ARTMAKING—Jasio Stefanski."

In the interview, Stefanski speaks about his art style and inspirations, including fellow faculty member Erik Brandt, and his studio with Lauren Thorson ’12, MFA, called Studio-Set.

Ashley Ontiveros, Fall 2014 Freshman

Ashley Ontiveros, who will be joining MCAD as a first-year student this fall, is featured in The Mash's article "18 Under 18: Celebrating 18 Amazing Chicago Teens." 

Alum Amanda Lovelee, who is leading the project

A vacant lot in downtown St. Paul that was once home to the Pedro Luggage company will soon be turned into an urban flower field. The project will be temporary, although the city hopes to raise enough money to eventually turn the property into a permanent park.

Michelle Servais's jewelry, Faux Bijoux

For years, Michelle Servais ’00 has been designing jewelry for boutiques and mass retailers such as Disney, JC Penney, Macy's, and Nicole by Nicole Miller.

MCAD Student at Commencement

The spring 2014 commencement ceremony, which featured a speech by former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, took place in the Minnesota Children's Theatre on May 3, 2014.