Photo courtesy of CityPages

According to City Pages the annual Mechademia Conference on Asian Popular Cultures, which took place at MCAD in late September, was a hit this year.

Arch of Hope took place in Marquette Plaza's Cancer Survivor Park

Tons of people gathered on Saturday to see Eric Rieger ’07 (a.k.a HOT TEA) showcase his installation made to support breast cancer awareness.

Martin while on a cover shoot with Cameron Diaz

About fifteen years ago, Lisa Martin ’89 began as a freelance photo editor for InStyle Magazine. After years of hard work and promotions she is now InStyle's director of photography.

Burnsville Girls Don't Tell by David Rathman

David Rathman ’82 is presenting his solo exhibition Stand by Your Accidents at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Michael DeForge presents to MCAD comic students

Three professionals in the comic field share stories and experiences with this class.

A piece from Riley's exhibition Always

Faculty member Haynes Riley was featured in a couple exhibitions over the past few months.

Parts opens this Thursday at two locations

Faculty member Michael Kareken will be showcasing in the upcoming solo exhibition Parts.

Mark Wheat will speak on Friday, October 17

Tess O'Connor ’10 has been working as project manager for the Twin Cities chapter of the international lecture series CreativeMornings.

A piece from David Andree's Land Harps

Faculty member David Andree presents his latest exhibition Land Harps.

Dan Jurgens is a legendary comic writer and MCAD alum

Comic artist Dan Jurgens ’81 was recently interviewed by online comics magazine Comic Book Resources.

Austin Eckstrom

Austin's ghostly images will make you think twice about the skin you're in.

Marcel, the King Of Tervuren directed by Tom Schroeder can be viewed online

Marcel, the King Of Tervuren, directed by faculty member Tom Schroeder, is featured in Sight & Sound Magazine as the "Toon of the Month."

Escape from New York by Richard Brewer

Richard Brewer ’69 and best friend Al Wadzinski are showcasing a large collection of work in Work Release.

Schoonover and his daughter, Josie, with some of his designed lunchbags

Brent Schoonover ’02 has a pretty wonderful way of making his daughter's lunch a little more enjoyable.

Zach Collins has put together two books that involved collaboration

Zach Collins ’14, MFA, is featured on radio station KFAI for his collaborative collage artwork.

Arlene Birt presented at the Retail Sustainability Conference

Faculty member Arlene Birt led a discussion on how to help audiences connect with sustainable initiatives at the Retail Sustainability Conference in Minneapolis.

On the Periphery opens Thursday, 10/9

Faculty member Shannon Estlund is featured in upcoming exhibition On the Periphery.

Euclide is an artist and teacher living and working in the Twin Cities

Gregory Euclide ’08, MFA, was interviewed by's blog.

Ed Charbonneau

An interview with demonstrator Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA, at this annual college art gallery tour.

Swimmer by faculty member Val Jenkins, courtesy of her website

Faculty member Val Jenkins's work was chosen to be featured in New American Paintings Volume 113.

The Judge's screenplay was written by Nick Schenk ’89

Nick Schenk ’89 wrote the screenplay for The Judge, a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall opening in theaters this Friday.

Phil Anderson talks about the history of bakeries in Minneapolis

Faculty member Phil Anderson will be giving a talk today about the history of Minneapolis bakeries.

One Lungers focuses on vintage snowmobiling in MN

For the past year, Matthew Adams ’94 has been producing and shooting short documentary films about vintage snowmobiling in Minnesota.

Susan Seeley Roe ‘01 is the first to receive this award

Susan Seeley Roe ’01 was awarded the first Next Generation Award by the American Advertising Federation in Tucson, Arizona.