Cover art for The Roman Nose, illustrated by George Folz

Although George Folz ’10 is best known for his daily project Darth Days, he has quietly been working on something extra.

Bronze Casting

An interview with Continuing Education instructors and a student.

In the Interview, Julian Lennon Discusses a Recent Trip to Africa

Photographer and journalist Lauri Lyons ’93 has gotten a lot closer to a Beatle than many of us ever will. More specifically, she recently interviewed John Lennon's son, Julian Lennon.

In the article "Julian Lennon's Artistic Horizons" for the Huffington Post, Lyons inquires about the musician/photographer/ philanthropist's first journey to Africa and continuous search for his life's purpose.

Pixar's Inside Out

Pixar character designer Chris Sasaki gives MCAD students tips on creating characters as well as a preview of the upcoming film Inside Out.

Photograph from Vince Leo's Little America series (

Retired and soon-to-retire faculty members Phil Anderson, Kevin Byrne, Vince Leo, Mary McDunn, and Ruth Voights have been awarded professor emeritus status.

Photo by Chloe Wolfe

Student Chloe Wolfe opens up about her study abroad experience in Dornbirn, Austria.

Love Letter by Ann Macarayan

Ann Macarayan ’14 has been awarded the Silver Kazu Sano award, worth $1,000, from the Society of Illustrators New York for her piece Love Letter.

My Mother Caught Me Doodling by Mike Perry

Mike Perry ’03 will be doing a book signing at Park Delicatessen in honor of the book release for My Mother Caught Me Doodling.

Posting for Threshold

Threshold: An Exhibition in Transition, a student pop-up show that took place on April 25, has been all over the press.

Service Bureau

The Service Bureau offers many incredible services to MCAD's students that we couldn't find anywhere else. They can make prints smaller than a postcard, and they can also make banners that cover an entire wall. They'll bind books for you, make buttons, and of course are always happy to help with questions.

Taos Art Colony

Martha Shepp ’80 will be teaching a five day class in the Taos art colony this summer.

Room & Board Competition Finalists

Every year, MCAD students are given the chance to participate in an annual competition hosted by Room & Board, a local furniture company emphasizing simplicity and modern design in their work. The winner is awarded $3,000, and the winning design is given consideration for Room & Board's 2016 collection.

Bunny Roo, I Love You cover illustration by Teagan White

The latest book illustrated by Teagan White ’12 is now available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

Bunny Roo, I Love You is a mother-and-baby book written by Melissa Marr. White's original watercolor paintings from the book are also featured in a solo show at Gallery Nucleus.

A still from Moren's film Lifetime of Wishing (100 Birthdays)

Ben Moren ’10 is featured in an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Lifetime of Wishing (100 Birthdays) is part of the MIA's year of birthday celebrations. Moren's film features people ages one to one hundred blowing out their birthday candles.

Gallery 148

This past Friday four incredible art events took place here at MCAD. Receptions were held for Made at MCAD, Jet Lag, the BSc show Visual + Verbal, and the student-curated show Sad Hunks.


Join MCAD entrepreneurial studies students tonight, April 17, in celebrating the academic program in a new light in an exhibition created by entrepreneurial studies seniors Bri Heu and Quinn Wilson.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit drawn by Brent Schoonover

It's ComicCON season once again and the MSP ComicCON is just a month away.

Petting Zoo

From a curious cat to a frisky ferret, MCAD's Pet Petting Zoo was filled with every cuddly creature you could imagine.

Last week we hosted MCAD’s nineteenth annual Partners in Scholarship Luncheon. Our speaker​s,​ donor​ ​Carl Jones, president of​ ​Anchor Bank​; alum Shawn McCann​ '02​; and current student​ Leigh Luna; articulately made the​ ​case for supporting students at MCAD.

Work by Nicholas Van Gorp

MCAD furniture seniors Colin Corrado and Nicholas Van Gorp have both been selected as 2015 Windgate Fellowship Award winners.​

Superman #11 Cover by Dan Jurgens ’81 (pencils) and Norm Rapmund (inks)

MCAD is one of the few schools in the nation to offer a major in comic art, which, according to the article Comic Book Heroes Not Hiding in the Shadows Anymore on the Record, is an industry that is growing.


It's not just a photographer's playground, anyone can learn how to use the darkroom!

Photo by Christopher Selleck, courtesy of

MFA student Christopher Selleck's work has been selected to be a part of the summer long outdoor arts program Made Here.

Jamie Owens models a necklace from his show Post-Yolo

Join Jamie Owens ’13 to commemorate a new body of visual art. In a brand new collection of work, Owens playfully scrutinizes various endemic socio-economic problems perpetuated within late-stage capitalism.

Jay Coogan, Leigh Luna, Shawn McCann

A day where scholarship donors and recipients get to meet each other face-to-face.